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    User talk:Can't live without rice

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    8randomedits (talkcontribs)

    If you get bullied for an year or so at school, experience COVID19 outbreak right after, live in one of the country`s most politically conservative neighborhood in a politically progressive family, and if the culture you live in doesn`t want people to be like you, you might become like me.

    And i Take friends request, just that i Don`t call them friends.

    Can't live without rice (talkcontribs)

    Huh... Edit: Was sleepy when I typed the blank reply last night, my bad.

    Your hates section

    Shiningflair (talkcontribs)

    You are not allowed to list other users in your hates section. If you add it again you'll get punished next time.

    Can't live without rice (talkcontribs)

    Does putting users in the dislikes section still not allowed? Can I also put known politicians on hates list for reasons too?

    Shiningflair (talkcontribs)

    You can't put users in your dislikes section cause that's still marking them as enemies.

    You may put politicians on your hates list- just not other wiki users.

    8randomedits (talkcontribs)

    And your OCs are okay to list as enemies. i Am planning to do so.

    JNJ1308 (talkcontribs)

    I, or probably the other guy, don't even have OCs to list as enemies. Not on the Polandball wiki, anyway.

    Can't live without rice (talkcontribs)

    Okay, thanks then...

    JNJ1308 (talkcontribs)

    There's not an enemies section in the Infobox for a reason, you know. I've put them in a section on my page that's not in my Infobox and not used the term enemies to refer to my enemies (if that's allowed).

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