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    DudemanTheDude is putting information here.

    History[edit | edit source]

    Once upon a summer night in 2020 while bing chilling doin homework i casually created my account in FANDOM in VideoGameball Wiki, i edited heavily (my drawings were big time cringe at the time) and then i went to Companyball where i learned to draw correctly, then i went to it's spanish version and there was this kid called Ron who was 7 (now 9 i think) who was busted and i fought him and then i forgot about the funni balls util august of last year and got banned because i was blabbering about shuik and used the n word alot (i don't do it anymore thank god for it) and then fogot about funni ball wiki until june of THIS YEAR where i edited on Voztok-icon.png voztoks wiki polancas and then i came bacc. So that resumes my goofy ahh history on this funni ball wiki (THE FUNNY BALLS)

    User Opinions[edit | edit source]

    • SolR-icon.png n-word jokes aren't fnuuy: Seriously tf is wrong with you?? You manipulated me into asking weird questions to carlo and called ecuador "rightful peruvian territory" (by that logik hispanoamerica is rightful spanish territory) when it isn't (at least since '41), but i should really stop hating you it was 2 years ago when you were larpy af
    • VardanC-icon.png vardancee: i forgor about him :skull:
    • AntonioByLoganball-icon.gif ANTONIOJUMPSACRE: They say he was a bad admin in wiki polancas hispanoablante, is it really true?
    • Avery-icon.png Catgirl Theologian-icon.png ok how many alts do you have (melodii): Avery please unban me from the server pretty pretty please with a cherry on top????
    • Ross-icon.png Ossray: based

    Trivia[edit | edit source]

    • Companyball Wikia is undoubtedly a daycare, every user on there makes the worst types of stubs and that just pisses me off. They don't put the heart on it anymore, I'll be editing heavily on that wiki, see ya.
    • I like BFDI
    • BloxTheLoco2900-icon.gif blox also likes bfdi (we will be treated with tlc)
    • I eat reese's puffs for dinner (i am not kidding)
    • idk what to put here
    • ShiningFlair please unban me from PBWDS

    Gallery[edit | edit source]

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