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    ==My return to the wiki== I have returned to the community after my two year hiatus, I am telling you this because you are the only user who actually knows this and all my other friends on the wiki left. Anyways you'll probably know who I am if you check my profile. Also how the heck do you code on the wiki I see to have forgotten is it like wikipedia? ~~~~ -[[User:Rivian|Rivian]] *Yes, the coding in this wiki is just like Wikipedia, as both this wiki and Wikipedia use MediaWiki engine. Anyways, welcome back to the wiki! ~~~~ https://www.polandballwiki.com/wiki/File:ILn7moS.png I found a Bangladesh version: https://imgur.io/5IrO86H?r Can you update it? The wiki keeps warning me for doing so... 🙁 *Here you go: https://www.polandballwiki.com/wiki/File:IndianSubcontinentBangladesh.png ==Hello== I wanted to talk with you, but I can't find any way to do so... -[[User:Gian Joca|Gian]] *I might talk to you either in your user page or my user page, even if it is broken. Feel free to chat with me, and I'll try to respond if I have the time ~~~~ ............... Oi bruv............ Since we're forcing the all the countryball pages to their correct date formats, which type of date format do you prefer the most?............ 🇺🇸 MDY, 🇪🇺 DMY, or 🇯🇵🇨🇳🇰🇷🇰🇵 YMD? *I guess it's both the DMY and MDY year format, I actually can't decide what to pick, and I think that the Anglosphere (Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the UK and the US) countryballs should follow the date format as well as which type of English they use corresponding to the Anglosphere country. ~~~ ==A request== I would like to ask for permission to make some minor edits to pages who are blocked, mainly in the infobox, concerning languages, religions, etc, nothing really major. I give you my word on that. -[[User:Gian Joca|Gian]] *Just give me what text to insert on those pages, and I'll edit those text into the pages. ~~~~ *Alright, all done. ~~~~ ==I fixed some broken icons in the Russiaball infobox== Russiaball below: {{Infobox countryball |name = {{I|Russia}} Russian Federationball {{I|Russia}} |nativename = {{I|Russia}}: Российская Федерациямяч<br> "Rossiyiskaya Federatsiyamyach"<br> {{I|Yakutia}}: Арассыыйа Федерациятамөкүчүк<br> "Arassııya Federatsiyatamöküçük"<br> {{I|Tatar}}: Россия Федерациясетуп<br> "Rossiya Federatsiyasetup"<br> {{I|Ingushetia}}: Россе Федерацитоп<br> "Rosse Federacitop"<br> {{I|Chuvashia}}: Раҫҫей Патшалӑхӗмечӗк<br> "Raśśey Patshalăkhěmechěk"<br> {{I|Chechnya}}: Оьрсийн Федерацитоп<br> "Örsiyn Federacitop"<br> {{I|Crimea}}: Русийе Федерациясыбал<br> "Rusiye Federatsiyasıbal"<br> |founded = 879 (Formation of the {{I|Kievan Rus}} [[Kievan Rusball]]) - Present<br>26 December 1991 (current form) |onlypredecessor = Russian SFSRball |predicon = Russian SFSR |image = Ice hockey federation of russia by kaliningradgeneral dbkix5y.png |caption = сука блять, никогда не пытайся вторгнуться в меня зимой! Если хотите, есть еще бутылка водки. |government = {{I|Vladimir Putin}}{{I|Dictator}} <s>Putinist one-party totalitarian vodka winter dictatorship</s><br>[[File:President-icon.png]] Federal semi-presidential constitutional republic<br>{{I|Dictator}} Under an authoritarian dictatorship (2012-present) |personality = Slavic, cold, stronk, friendly, aggressive to pigskis, homophobic, weird, <s>Alcoholic</s>, Vodka Lover, Pootis |type = <s>Vodkaic</s> <s>AdidaSoviet</s><br> {{I|Panslavic}} Slavic <br> - Russkie {{I|Ural}} Uralic <br> - Mordovia <br> - Komi Republic <br> - Udmurtia <br> - Mari El {{I|Turkic Council}} Turkic <br> - Tatarstan <br> - Kumykia <br> - Khakassia <br> - Balkaria <br> - Siberian Turks <br> - Oghur Turks <br> - Tuvaball <br> - Kipchak peoples {{I|Mongol Empire}} Mongolic <br> - Buryatia <br> - Kalmykia {{I|Manchu}} Tungusic <br> - Eastern Siberia <br> - Manchuria {{I|Adygea}} Northwest Caucasian <br> - Adygea <br> - Kabardino-Balkaria <br> - Karachay–Cherkessia {{I|Chechnya}} Northeast Caucasian <br> - Chechnya <br> - Ingushetia {{I|Achaemenid}} Iranic <br> - North Ossetia–Alania |language = Main: <br> [[File:Russia-icon.png]] Russian <br> Regional: <br> {{I|Karachay-Cherkessia}} Abaza <br> {{I|Adygea}} Adyghe <br> {{I|Aleut}} Western Aleut <br> {{I|Dagestan}} Avar <br> {{I|Altai}} Altai <br> {{I|Bashkortostan}} Bashkir <br> {{I|Buryatia}} Buryat <br> {{I|Chechnya}} Chechen <br> {{I|Chukotka}} Chukchi <br> {{I|Chuvashia}} Chuvash <br> {{I|Crimea}} Crimean Tatar <br> {{I|Mordovia}} Erzya <br> {{I|Finland}} Finnish <br> {{I|Ingushetia}} Ingush <br> {{I|Kamchatka}} Itelmen <br> {{GetIcon|Kabardino-Balkaria}} Karbadian <br> {{I|Kalmykia}} Kalmyk <br> {{I|Karachay-Balkaria}} Karachay-Balkar <br> {{I|Karelia}} Karelian <br> {{I|Kazakhstan}} Kazakh <br> {{I|Khakassia}} Khakass <br> {{I|Sami}} Kildin Sámi <br> {{I|Komi}} Komi <br> {{I|Mari El}} Western/Eastern Mari <br> {{I|Mordovia}} Moksha <br> {{I|Nenets}} Tundra/Forest Nenets <br> {{I|Karachay-Cherkessia}} Nogai <br> {{GetIcon|North Ossetia–Alania}} Ossetian <br> {{I|Tatarstan}} Tatar <br> {{I|Tuva}} Tuvan <br> {{I|Udmurtia}} Udmurt <br> {{I|Ukraine}} Ukrainian <br> {{I|Yakutia}} Yakut <br> {{I|Ashkenazi}} Yiddish <br> {{I|Inuit}} Yupik |religion = {{I|Christianity}} Christianity *[[File:Orthodoxy-icon.png]] Eastern Orthodoxy (Main) *[[File:Monophysitism-icon.png]] Oriental Orthodoxy <br> [[File:Atheism-icon.png]] Atheism <br> [[File:Islam-icon.png]] Islam *[[File:Sunni-icon.png]] Sunni <br> [[File:Buddhism-icon.png]] Buddhism *[[File:Vajrayana-icon.png]] Vajrayana <br> [[File:Tengri-icon.png]] Tengrism <br> [[File:Slavic Paganism-icon.png]] Slavic Neopaganism <br> [[File:Uralic Paganism-icon.png]] Uralic Neopaganism <br> [[File:Jew-icon.png]] Judaism |capital = {{I|Moscow}} [[Moscowball]] |affiliation = {{I|BRICS}} [[BRICSbrick]]<br>[[File:Arctic Council-icon.png]] [[Arctic Councilball]]<br>{{I|CIS}} [[CISball]]<br>[[File:CSTO-icon.png]] [[CSTOball]]<br>{{I|Eurasian_Union}} [[Eurasian Unionball]] <br> {{I|Union State}} [[Union Stateball]]<br>{{I|UN}} [[UNball]]<br>{{I|Danube Commission}} [[Danube Commissionball]] |friends = {{I|Belarus}} [[Belarusball|SISSY!]] <br> {{I|Soviet}} [[USSRball|Daddy]] (RIP, mostly) <br> {{I|China}} [[Chinaball|Best trading partner]] <br> {{I|India}} [[Indiaball]] <br> {{I|Indonesia}} [[Indonesiaball]] <br> {{I|Kazakhstan}} [[Kazakhbrick]] <br> [[File:Armenia-icon.png]] [[Armeniaball]] <br> {{I|Serbia}} [[Serbiaball|<s>5-0</s> Little brother]] <br> [[File:Syria-icon.png]] [[Syriaball]] <br> {{I|Iran}} [[Iranball]] <br> {{I|Kuwait}} [[Kuwaitball|He likes my AK-47s]]<br> {{I|Saudi Arabia}} [[Saudi Arabiaball|Now we are fine]]<br> {{I|UAE}} [[UAEball]] <br> [[File:Kyrgyz-icon.png]] [[Kyrgyzstanball]] <br> [[File:Tajik-icon.png]] [[Tajikistanball]] <br> [[File:Uzbek-icon.png]] [[Uzbekistanball]] <br> [[File:Turkmen-icon.png]] [[Turkmenistanball]] <br> {{I|North_Korea}} [[North Koreaball]] <br> {{I|Kenya}} [[Kenyaball|Yuo is of running fast and good trading partner]] <br> [[File:Venezuela-icon.png]] [[Venezuelaball]] <br> [[File:Nicaragua-icon.png]] [[Nicaraguaball]] <br> [[File:Azerbaijan-icon.png]] [[Azerbaijanball]] (Sometimes) <br> {{I|Palestine}} [[Palestineball]] <br> {{I|Iceland}} [[Icelandball|Only NATO member I really like]] <br> {{I|Abkhazia}} [[Abkhaziaball]] <br> {{I|South Ossetia}} [[South Ossetiaball]] <br> {{I|Vietnam}} [[Vietnamball]] <br> [[File:Cuba-icon.png]] [[Cubaball]] <br> {{I|Bolivia}} [[Boliviaball]] <br> [[File:Brazil-icon.png]] [[Brazilball]] <br> [[File:South Africa-icon.png]] [[South Africaball]] <br> {{I|Algeria}} [[Algeriaball]] <br> {{I|BRICS}} [[:Category:BRICS|BRICS]] members <br> {{I|Morocco}} [[Moroccoball]] <br> {{I|Pakistan}} [[Pakistanball]] <br> {{I|Egypt}} [[Egyptball|Good friend, but why yuo butcher my anthem?]]<br> {{I|Sudan}} [[Sudanball]] <br> [[File:Somalia-icon.png]] [[Somaliaball]] <br> {{I|Poland}} [[Polandball|Vodka Inventor]] (Sometimes)<br> [[File:Philippines-icon.png]] [[Philippinesball]] <br> [[File:Antarctica-icon.png]] [[Antarcticaball|WE DISCOVERED!]] |enemies = [[File:Russian-Empire-icon.png]] [[Russian Empireball|F**KING EVIL GRANDPA]] <br> [[File:Taiwan-icon.png]] [[Taiwanball|SATAN]] <br> {{I|Netherlands}} [[Netherlandsball|DEVIL]] <br> {{I|Poland}} [[Polandball|I will get yuo for the 3rd time!]] (sometimes) <br> {{I|Lithuania}} {{I|Latvia}} {{I|Estonia}} [[Lithuaniaball|BAL]][[Latviaball|TI]][[Estoniaball|CS]] <br> {{I|Alaska}} [[Alaskaball|Come back...]] <br> {{I|Japan}} [[Japanball]] (neutral) <br>{{I|Georgia}} [[Georgiaball]] <br> [[File:UK-icon.png]] [[UKball|Theresa May]] <br> {{I|Canada}} [[Canadaball]] (mostly) <br> {{I|Finland}} [[Finlandball|VODKA STEALER!]] <br> {{I|Ukraine}} [[Ukraineball]] <br> {{I|Germany}} [[Germanyball]] (Sometimes) <br> {{I|Azerbaijan}} [[Azerbaijanball]] (Sometimes) <br> {{I|Romania}} [[Romaniaball]] (neutral) <br> {{I|EU}} [[EUball]] <br> {{I|NATO}} [[NATOball]] <br> {{I|USA}} [[USAball|Stop bullying my friend]] (sometimes) <br> {{I|Albania}} [[Albaniaball]] (sometimes/kind of) <br> {{I|ISIS}} [[ISISball]] <br> [[File:France-icon.png]] [[Franceball]] (not sure) <br> [[File:Taliban-icon.png]] Terrorists [[File:Al-Qaeda-icon.png]] <br> [[File:First Slovak Republic-icon.png]][[File:Russia-icon.png]] [[First Slovak Republicball|FLAG]] [[Slovak SRball|STEALERS]] <br> [[File:Pluto-icon.png]] [[File:Eris-icon.png]] [[Plutoball|I am bigger]] [[Erisball|than yuo!]] <br> [[File:FSA-icon.png]] Fake Syria <br> [[File:Israel-icon.png]] [[Israelcube|Free Palestine]] <br>[[File:Kosovo-icon.png]] [[Kosovoball|Do you even think I'm gonna recognize ya? No!]]<br>Formerly:<br>{{I|Nazi}} [[Nazi Germanyball|Stupid people who are trying to kill me]] <br> [[File:Japanese-Empire.gif]] [[Empire of Japanball]] <br> {{I|Ottoman}} [[Ottoman Empireball]] <br> {{I|German Empire}} [[German Empireball]] <br> {{I|Finland}} [[Finlandball|Finlandball (during WW2)]] <br> {{I|Kingdom of Prussia}} [[Kingdom of Prussiaball]]<br>{{I|Safavid}} [[Safavid Dynastyball]]<br>{{I|Swedish Empire}} [[Swedish Empireball]]<br>{{I|Poland-Lithuania}} [[Poland-Lithuaniaball]]<br>{{I|Qing}} [[Qingball]]<br>{{I|Mongol Empire}} [[Mongol Empireball]]<br>{{I|Golden Horde}} [[Golden Hordeball]]<br>{{I|Fascist Italy}} [[Kingdom of Italyball|Plz don't touch Greece because I claimed it first]] |likes = Ak-47 <br> Vodka <br> Bears <br> Riding bears <br> Siberian Tigers<br>Tetris <br> Hardbass <br> {{I|Communism}} Communism <br> [[File:Lenin-icon.png]] Vladimir Lenin <br> {{I|Leon Trotsky}} Leon Trotsky <br> [[File:Stalin-icon.png]] Joseph Stalin <br> {{I|Vladimir Putin}} Vladimir Putin <br> [[File:Xi Jinping-icon.png]] Xi Jinping<br> [[File: Bashar al-Assad-icon.png]] Bashar al-Assad<br> {{I|Fidel Castro}} Fidel Castro<br> {{I|Daniel Ortega}} Daniel Ortega<br> [[File:Viktor Orban-icon.png]] Viktor Orban<br> [[File: Alexander Lukashenko-icon.png]] Alexander Lukashenko <br> [[File:Maduro-icon.png]] Nicolas Maduro<br> {{I|Lula da Silva}} Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva <br> [[File:Duterte-icon.png]] Rodrigo Duterte <br> {{I|Yasser Arafat}} Yasser Arafat <br> {{I|Nelson Mandela}} Nelson Mandela <br> Mikhail Kalashnikov (Creator Of AK-47) (RIP) <br> [[Wikipedia:Maria Sharapova|Maria Sharapova]] <br>Edward Snowden<br> Marx <br> Russia Today (RT) <br> Sputnik (news agency) <br> Kompot <br> Chebureki <br> Soviet Nostalgia<br>[[Wikipedia:Super Wings|Super Wings]] CS:GO <br> Rushing B <br> Adidas <br> Ushankas <br> DJ Blyatman <br> Insulting players <br> Romantic Music <br> {{I|Russia}} {{I|Conservatism}} Russian Conservatism <br> Electronic Dance Music (Dubstep and Hard bass drops) <br> Cats <br> 🏒 Ice hockey (mainly in winter) <br> ⚽ Football (mainly in summer) <br> Being the largest Countryball <br> Ballet <br> Opera <br> Christianity and Jesus <br> His Past (<s>[[Soviet Unionball|Maybe I'll return to.......]]</s>) <br> Masha and the Bear <br> MrGear<br>Norm of the North <br> Arctic Dogs <br> Drinking with friends <br> Firearms <br> Orthodoxy <br> His history <br> Minecraft (best game to troll players on servers xaxaxa) <br> Beginning of Anti-NATO<br>[[Wikipedia:T-90|Tanks]] <br> [[Wikipedia:Sukhoi Su-57|Airplanes]] <br> Nukes <br> Dexter's Laboratory (creator is from his clay) <br> Arkona <br> Chizh & Co <br> Alla Pugacheva <br> Fillip Kirkorov <br> Tensions <br> [https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzMCWqaMhVC70xNVt0CcgQQ Di Young] (BEST RUSSIAN PRODUCER EVER XAXAXA) <br> Olga Buzova <br> t.A.T.u <br> Slaughter to Prevail <br> Little Big <br> Russian Classical <br> Цвет Настроения Синий <br> The Green Elephant <br> schi <br> ❄ Ice <br> Kvass <br> Pelmeni <br> Pryanik <br> 🎻 Violins, ⛸ Ice Skating, Evgeni Pluchenko, Dima Bilan <br> Bombing evil Kebab <br> Alexander Nevsky <br> Minin <br> Pozharsky <br> Peter I the Great, [[Wikipedia:Mikhail Kutuzov|Mikhail Kutuzov]] <br> [[Wikipedia:Georgi Zhukov|Georgi Zhukov]] <br> Being gopnik <br> Squatting <br> Adidas, Bullying [[EUball]] members (especially {{I|Poland}} [[Polandball]] and {{I|Lithuania}} {{I|Latvia}} {{I|Estonia}} [[Lithuaniaball|My]] [[Latviaball|to]][[Estoniaball|ys]]), [[Canadaball|Kanukski]], (sometimes) <br> Babushkas <br> having more potato than {{I|Latvia}} [[Latviaball]] and {{I|Belarus}} [[Belarusball|my favorite puppet]] <br> Barynya <br> Torabika Cappucino (Indonesia Gave It To Me ANd Its So Good)<br>NFKRZ<br> Being a try hard<br>FACE (RUSSIAN LIL PUMP)<br>Detsl (Децл) (RIP)<br>Oxxxymiron (RUSSIAN EMINEM)<br>Gerand (RUSSIAN JACKNJELLIFY) Ivan Urgant and [[Wikipedia:Evening Urgant|his show]], russian street fighter:zangief (only [[USSRball|USSR]]), Necro, Decapre from Street Fighter, Millia Rage from Guilty Gear, Sergei Dragunov from Tekken, Alex and Nicolai from Subway Surf, Life of Boris, uamee, Gopnik McBlyat, Anomaly, Netherlands, TF2 Heavy, Ruvyzvat (Ruv) from FNF, Zavodila (заводила), Oymyakonball (is very cold), Bullying Ukraine, Tabi from FNF, CFMOT |hates = [[File:USA-icon.png]] [[USAball|USAball's insults]] <br> {{I|LGBT}} Gays <br> {{I|Ottoman Empire}} Kebab <br> {{I|Sweden}} [[Swedenball|'''VICIOUS BÖRK VIKINGS!''']] <br>NATO<br>EU<br>Western Sanctions<br>talkings about Holodomor (THIS IS NOT A GENOCIDE. THIS IS MUCH WORSE, '''A FAMINE!!!!!!''') <br> [[File:Russian-Empire-icon.png]] [[Russian Empireball|Russian Empire]] for failing him <br> {{I|Liberalism}} Liberals <br> Asteroids <br> {{I|Tsarist Russia}} Tsars, <br> Hashim Thaci,<br> Modern Warfare 2019 (It Demonizes Us SOOOOO BAD!!! <s> But is of fun </s><br> Modern Warfare 1, 2, and 3 (I Thought MW2's No Russian Was of Bad!) <br> {{I|UK}} Captain John Price (Meh.) <br> {{I|Coronavirus}} Coronavirus |predecessor = {{I|Soviet}} [[Soviet Unionball]]<br>[[File:Russian SFSR-icon.png]] [[Russian SFSRball]] |intospace = Was of First!!!!!!! |bork = XA XA XA XA XA XA XA XA / Vodka vodka / Putin Putin / SUKA BLYAT / TROLOLO TROLOLO / Stalin Stalin / Cheeki Breeki /Masha Masha /Hardbass Hardbass /Pootis Pootis |food = Vodka (it's Polish but I not of carings), borsch (it's Ukrainian, but nobody knows about this), shchi, kasha (buckwheat porridge), blinis with honey or caviar, kvass, mushrooms, pryanik, and many soups and bread. |status = Has invented first Covid-19 vaccine in the world "Sputnik V". Currently awaiting an approval stamp from World Health Organization. |notes = Was of first into space!}}
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