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    Zhu Qinball or simply Qinball, later known as Zhu Hanball or simply Hanball, was an short-lived empire proclaimed by general Zhu Ci (朱泚) in Chang'anball during the Jingyuan Mutiny (涇原兵變) against Tangball. Zhu Qinball was re-anschlussed by Tangball in 784.



    Zhu Ci (朱泚)

    Prior to rebelling, Zhu Ci was the Jiedushi of Tangball's Lulong Circuit (Based in Beijingball). Upon his ascension, Zhu was the first Jiedushi of Lulong Circuit since the end of the An-Shi rebellion to send manpower to Tangball, protecting the empire against Tibetan invasions. Zhu was greatly rewarded for his show of obeisance[1] and later became a trusted official of Tangball's Emperor Daizong.[2]

    Later, while stationed at Fengxiang, Shaanxiball, Zhu was implicated in a plot began by his brother (Zhu Tao (朱滔)). Zhu Ci was cleared of involvement, but confined to Chang'anball from then on.[3]

    Jingyuan Mutiny (涇原兵變)

    In 783, troops from Jingyuan Circuit, ( Gansuball, were recalled to Chang'anball. These 5000 soldiers subsequently mutinied upon receiving meager rewards, attacked Chang'anball, and forced Tangball's Emperor Dezong to evacuate to Fengtianball. The troops named the semi-retired Zhu Ci as their leader.[4]

    Initially, Zhu Ci declared the Jingyuan soldiers pacified, and requested officials who fled Chang'anball to return to the capital.[5] Despite this order, Zhu was reluctant to recall Emperor Dezong, and instead conspired to enthrone himself.


    In late 783, Zhu Ci claimed emperorship and established Zhu Qinball in Chang'anball. Immediately after its establishment, Zhu Qinball attempted to siege Fengtianball, but was forced to lift the siege under pressure from other Tangball generals.[6] After this failure, Zhu Qinball was renamed to (Zhu) Hanball.[7]


    In 784, Zhu Qinball convinced Tang general Li Huaiguang (李懷光) to rebel against Tangball,[8] which prolonged the collapse of Zhu Qinball for a few months. Notwithstanding discord among Tangball's ranks, Zhu Ci was convinced to abandon Chang'anball in June of 784, choosing to flee towards Tibetball.[9]

    En route however, Zhu was killed by his subordinates, and the rest of the forces previously under his control all surrendered to Tangball, abolishing Zhu Qinball.[10]



    How To Draw

    Drawing Zhu Qinball is very simple.

    1. Draw a black outline of a circle.
    2. Fill it Yellow.
    3. Draw a second white circle inside of the first.
    4. Add the Chinese character for Qin (秦) or Han (漢) inside of the white portion. You can also write the characters for Zhu Qinball (朱秦) or Zhu Qinball (朱漢) to distinguish it from other Qinballs and Hanballs in Chinese History.
    5. Add two slant eyes and you've finished.
    6. Optional: Draw appropriate hatwear.


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