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    Not to be confused with Washingtonball.

    Uh, what's happening CC?

    They still call it the White House But that's a temporary condition, too Can you dig it, CC?

    — 🍫Chocolate City

    Does he look like a bitch?
    Samuel L. Jackson
    : Wha-You-you're banking on a derailment?!

    : Well, we could call in a bomb threat.

    Sam Denby &

    Adam Chase

    (From Jet Lag: the Game)

    DC Comicsball, Washington DCball, or George Washingtonball Joe Bidenball Washingtonball, otherwise known as District of Columbiaball, gets taxation without representation is a hero the creator of Superman the capital cityball of  USAball.

    DCball struggles with trying not to be incompetent and greedy. It is neighbors with its parents  Virginiaball and Marylandball. On the other hand, it is one of the most powerful entities in USAball; it's usually the boss that tells other states what to do (much to their displeasure).

    The White House is the stronkest building within USAball, it made that house especially for presidents, Bidenball is president of the USAball, and it is currently living there. There are several other important buildings, namely, the Capitol, Lincoln Memorial, and the Thomas Jefferson Memorial are located in its clay along with many other memorials and historical sites. Due to many of its buildings and power it can into importance.


    DCball is known for its imense snobby personality, as if it was saying 'I'm too good for you' is known for it's hate of politics (what have they done that was good for the city?). DCball actually has a fan club made up of Loudoun Countyball, and most importantly, Fairfax Countyball (These are essentially extentions of a metro area that go accross borders). Virginiaball can kind of hate DCball for this sometimes (especially Hampton Roadsball.) Feels victorious in the fact that if someone says they are from Washingtonball, then they are from DCball, not Washingtonball. It has its own teams for all five major sports leagues in America:

    • 🏈 Washington Redskins Commanders of the NFL,
    • 🏒 Washington Capitals of the NHL,
    • 🏀 Washington Bullets Wizards of the NBA,
    • ⚾ Washington Nationals of MLB (formerly owned by Montrealball),
    • ⚽ D.C. United of MLS, and
    • 🏀 Washington Mystics of the WNBA.


    European Expansion & Native Americans

    Before Europeans arrived in DCball, there were some Native Americans that resided near the Potomac River, including mainly Powhatanball, a Tribe who lived off the land. Powhatanball was an Eastern Algonquian-speaking ball, just like Abenakiball in Maineball. Not much more information was known about them. This tribe did have some settlements, around the Anacosta River, a tributary of the Potomac, but were later forced to move due to European expansion.

    Creation & Foundations

    Origionally, DCball was known as Georgetownball (It is now a neighborhood in western DC) and was located on a swamp, not an optimal place to build a capital. But after a mutiny in Philadelphiaball (The then capital of the nation) the capital was switfly moved to New Jerseyball, where it was decided that a new capital needed to be created on the banks of Delaware River or on the Potomac River. Founding fathers argued that would need to have their own independent district for their capital, as they couldn't rely on a state *COUGH COUGH Pennsylvaniaball COUGH COUGH* to protect them. Thus, a law was passed creating the district. There were already two existing cities there, Alexandriaball, and Georgetownball, Marylandball. The new district would to be named after George Washington and Columbia, a feminine name for Columbus. The borders measured 10 miles by 10 miles and was a square.

    War of 1812 - American Civil War

    During the War of 1812, British Empireball came down from British Canadaball and burned down the white house. They then proceeded to burn down all of DCball, however much of the buildings were repaired quickly. This is the ony time in US History that a foregin power has held USAball's capital. Not to mention too, however, but USAball then procceded to burn down Yorkball in Canada (The then capital).

    While all of this was going on, Virginiaball's side of the District (The region south of the potomac) wanted to become part of Virginiaball again. This was because DCball had wanted to outlaw Slavery, something they wanted. Eventually, they were able to combine with Virginiaball, leaving DCball with only the part donated by Marylandball. Slavery was eventually abolished in the Colonies, however it was the slave trade, not slavery itself.

    During the American Civil War, Washington D.C. did not see much action, even though it sat close to Confederate Virginiaball on the other side of the Potomac River. It was close to the 🔫💥battle of bull run, a bit south in the city of Manassasball. DCball was the capital however, and so he witnessed South Carolinaball cain down Massachusettsball over a dissagreement about Slavery, and also watched from afar CSAball push through Marylandball and into Pennsylvaniaball where the Battle of Gettysburg took place.

    Civi Rights Era - 2001

    During the civil rights era, DCball was a part of the segregated South, meaning that Blacks could not do many of the same things as and were treated much more horribly. This was kind of ironic, as during the great migration, DCball was known as the 'city of black man' because of it's large 8ball populations, concentrated in the east. DCball was a major hub for civil rights advancement, and most notably, where the March on Washington took place. This is where famed Civil Rights Pioneersman, MLK, recited his famous I have a dream speech in front of the Washington Monument. in 1968, when he was killed by A white man, multiple riots took place in eastern DCball, of which after three days, USAball called National Gaurdball was called, and the riots ended. In 1961, USAball gave DCball three electoral college points, meaning that DCball could now vote in USAballs elections. Since then he has always voted 🟦Democrat, and probably will continue to do so.

    In 2001, Al Qaedaball flew two planes headed to Californiaball into New York Cityball's famed twin towers, knocking them over. He also flew a tower into CIAballs Pentagon, in NoVa, right near DCball. There was also a flight that crashed in Pennsylvaniaball but was speculated to of have been heading towards DCballs capital building, the capital of USAball.

    Statehood Referendums & January 6th 📜

    Though DCball can vote in Presidental Elections, they don't have a voice in Congress or the Senate. This has become a big issue for DCball, as they 'taxed without representation'. No Taxation without Representation was a motto of Thirteen Coloniesball against British Empireball and they now put it on their license plates. In 2016, DCball held a referendum and found that 85% of residents wanted to become the 51st state. They have since tried to become it, but have failed both times. Not to mention that pesky island

    On January 6, 2021, a mob of former USA president Donald Trump supporters started a "Save America" rally. This was caused by Vice President Mike Pence not wanting to say that Trump "won the election". Trump supporters raided the U.S. Capitol Building, one of the most secure buildings in the country. Inside, the supporters raided every single room, vandalizing everything in it. The Trump Supporters wanted to find Pence and execute it for not siding with the former President. This is surprising, as it was one of Trump's most loyal friends. This was an effort to overturn the election, but this only ended up with more Republicans supporting Joe Biden. In the end, 5 people died, including one Air Force veteran from Californiaball.

    Information for Artists

    Flag Colors

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX Pantone
    White 255, 255, 255 N/A #FFFFFF N/A
    Columbian Red 232, 27, 57 C0-M88-Y75-K9 #E81B39 1788 C

    How to Draw

    DCball has a drawing rating of easy.

    Drawing DCball is simple:

    1. Draw the basic circle shape
    2. Draw two thick horizontal red lines
    3. Draw three red stars over the lines
    4. Draw the eyes, and you've finished.



    • USAball - Best country! I'm proud to be your capital, grandparent. But can I please have statehood? Please?
    •  Londonball - Can you please tell NYC to shut up and leave me alone? I support you being the capital of the world; you deserve it better than it. But even though I admire you a whole lot I still can’t forgive you for 1814.
    • UKball - Great-grandparent, great country but otherwise, what I said to London…
    • Spainball - Great-grandparent
    • Marylandball - Good guy, but I'm not your child.
    • Virginiaball - I like your American Dad speedruns, you do.
    • Englandball - Great relative, one of its cities are twinned with me.
    • Ljubljanaball - We are best friends, just like our respective countries. We get along great and have diplomatic relationships.


    • New York Cityball - I'm the capital of the USA, not you! Why do you keep overshadowing me?!
      • : If it isn't, my little midget cousin.
      • : Why don't you shut up?
      • : No, and why are you the capital? I am bigger than you! And I got Statue of Liberty!
      • : So what!?
    • Philadelphiaball - Just Because Your'e bigger than me as well as being the most Famous American City and having the Decloration of Independence and the Liberty Bell does not mean you can be The US Capitol.
    • Los Angelesball (sometimes) - STOP DESTROYING THE WHITE HOUSE FOR YOUR MOVIES! Actually, apart from that, you are a pretty cool friend. Just think about what you are doing, please.
    • Moscowball - Our relationship is complicated. Everything else is all a matter of history. But we're trying to improve. I have this in my clay. You know, Moscow, we’ve been through so many problems together that I'm not sure of my opinions on you anymore. But hey, we're trying to improve. Perhaps we can even be friends in the future. Well, we're already what others may consider "friends." And sometimes I'm grateful for things you've done, and I do suppose sometimes I like you. As a friend frenemy, don't you dare get any wrong ideas! But for now, you'd better cut the chitchat with me. Don't make me dislike you more than I already do. Hold on. You have a White House too? NOOOO! AND LEAVE UKRAINEBALL ALONE! OR ELSE!


    • Ranked #1 on NAVA's City Flags Rankings.
    • Ranked #8 on NAVA's State and Province Flags Rankings.


    zh:華盛頓哥倫比亞特區球 pl:Washington DCball pt:Washington DCball

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