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    User blog:Squirrel719/A few words regarding Reddit

    Hello, as many of you have noticed, this wikia was famous for being adopted by someone against /r/Polandball's policies as they are 'fascist'

    However, it seems to me that /r/polandball just wants to survive, the mods don't want the quality of their stuff to decline so people loose interest, compared to corperate companies, which now milk the shit out of their stuff and have let their quality fallen, which has made people loose interest (Nintendo, Sega, etc. and more recently Apple & Google) 

    That may seem egoist to some but that doesn't seem bad if /r/polandball just wants to play it safe and not take risks (I'd prefer a balence in risk taking and playing it safe)

    I may think the subreddit's rules are strict (although all of reddit is strict you have to know that) but that doesn't bug me, as long as they don't strart banning people for no reason or for invalid reasons (i ban u coz ur gay xdxddxdxxddxdxxd) then /r/polandball should be fine.

    So in conclusion, I neither support or is against Reddit's desicions. I think official colours should stay be optional here as well. I don't really care about grey poland, if I was making a comic that isn't for the subreddit, i'd just make it a tiny bit grey (not overdo it). However, you guys should stop hating reddit (and vice-versa to redditors that may come here) because they are 'fascist' or 'communist'. We may have anti-reddit routes but that doesn't mean we are against reddit now, compare it to Germany; it may have been anti-left wing in the past but now it's quite the opposite. I'm not telling you guys to love reddit, but just not hate it for all the wrong reasons.  

    We should both grow into bigger communities together! Squirrel719 (talk) 16:35, March 21, 2016 (UTC)

    P.S: Take this off the news category if you want

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