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    User blog:ChocoMingo/Countryballs' Gender Issue 2 (MADE FOR 2018)

    Recently, I've been seeing people getting into trouble for trying to undo someone feminizing a countryball. I'm here to clarify that some of the blame for some of the drama today is on me. Why? I linked people to an outdated blog post , and to everyone, especially Mocha and TRSM, I am very sorry.

    However, I will learn from my mistakes, and this is what this blog post is all about. That's right. I'm updating this blog post to refect the current environment of this wiki.

    One thing to point out here, is that countryballs DO NOT have a definitive gender. Just because Estonia-icon.png Estonia is female in most comics doesn't mean it should be for all comics. There are instances where Estonia is male, such as in this comic . However, like I said in the first blog post, "there isn't a silver bullet, but at least we [as a community] can try and reduce the number of unneccessary 'feminizations'".

    So here it is. The list of countries and the genders of their pages as they are listed on their pages are on the link below.

    *DISCLAIMER: You shouldn't look at this table and think that these are the definite genders of each countryball. Like previously said, COUNTRYBALLS HAVE NO SPECIFIC GENDER, so take this table with a grain of salt. If you find a countryball that seems to not be right gender-wisely, talk to the admin about it.


    ChocoMingo-icon.png NESTLEH (talk) 02:50, April 24, 2018 (UTC)

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