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    User blog:Antonio12ITA/Welcome to a New Polandball Wiki!

    Hello Guys, As you well know in recent months there has been some problems on the Wikia between the Main Admin and many users who were opposed to the new rules, and then some of those users were banned for 99 years for minor reasons, on October 10th 2015 and December 15th 2015.

    I've decided to stay neutral between this serious problem. My purpose was to end this crisis that had the Wiki, not to avoid further disasters. After all these banned users, the Wikia had a decrease to edits and chat became completely isolated.

    I have restored the main page, fixed some things and for the New Year; I've created Editor of the Year.

    These are the Rules for this Wiki are as follows:

    1. Do not insult other members of the community. Punishment: A 3-day ban, with 2-days extended for each repeat. Warnings are only given for new users.

    2. If one insult, vandalize, spam, threaten, do alts, write vulgar informartions and insult to another wikis, we should ask to Staff to globally ban you. Punishment: Globally blocked.

    3. If one user who insulted or vandalized create an Alt: the alt must be Perm Banned; because the User should to wait until the end of Ban.

    4. When uploading an image of a countryball, is illegal use Circle-Tool and use Copy-paste. Is necessary use hand-draw.

    5. Spamming the Wikia is unacceptable. Only after all damages are undone can the ban be undone. Punishment: 3 days of ban from chat.

    6. If you do things on this Wiki for the purpose of self-glorification, you will not be well-liked by the community. Punishment: Warning.

    7. If you would like to become an active contributor to this Wiki, get a single account with which to do it, or at the very least a single IP. Getting more than 1 violates Wikia policy. Constantly changing your IP to get around bans also violates Wikia policy. Punishment: Permanent ban on all alt acounts and a 3-day ban on original account.

    8. Declare war in chat. Punishment 2 weeks of Ban from chat.

    9. Is absolute, this cannot be stressed enough. You WILL be banned from this Wiki for searching for or broadcasting unwanted personal information of other users.

    • Doxx the Nationality of one user: 1 month of ban.
    • Doxx the Location where the users live: 1 year of ban
    • Doxx the real name: 1 month of ban
    • Doxx the real surname: 3 months of ban
    • Doxx both (name and surname): 2 years of ban

    10. Please, don't call me Antonia in chat. Punishment: Kick

    We already asked to Staff to delete from History PWUW (Polandball Wiki Users Wikia).

    I hope that you'll respect these rules, We can have fun and do an funny joke ;)

    Remember Guys: Together, We make a Better World.

    That's all, Goodbye and Happy New Year 2016! http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20141029051357/polandball/images/6/6e/PolandballWikiaEmoticonHappy%28Glad%29%28Gleeful%29%28Cheery%29%28Cheerful%29%28PolanHappy%29%28PolandHappy%29.png

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