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    Who are you?[edit | edit source]

    Hi there! My name's Shadow. But you can call me Star, Stars, Spirit, Spirit Girl, whatever.

    Personality:[edit | edit source]

    I tend to be nice most of the time, but sometimes, I can be a total jerk, but I'm friendly to everyone I meet (and shy). Just don't piss me off, okay?

    And now, some history of myself on the wiki:[edit | edit source]

    Despite my join date, I actually joined the Wiki in 2017 as Kittygirl888. However, I was sadly banned because I was underage at the time. I also made alts during that time, most of which have since been deactivated. I promised to leave the Wiki for good, but since some people liked me and wanted me to stay, that and the Wiki was facing hard times which it probably still is I made this account and came back, on one condition: I had to be blocked until August 2nd 2019.

    During my block, I stayed on Discord. I tried joining other Polandball Related servers. Most of which I have since left, became inactive in, or gotten banned from.

    And now, here I am, on the Wiki. I may join other Polandball-related Wikis, but I'm not sure.

    So, that's all I gotta say about that.

    About Me:[edit | edit source]

    I'm a self-taught artist, usually drawing the first thing that pops into my head. Yes, I do occasionally draw countryballs. As of now, I'm currently using MediBang and IbisPaintX to draw. Although I am starting to get a bit more... "traditional" with my works.

    I'm also very into sports (except basketball and golf). Usually into hockey, baseball, football, sometimes soccer and more recently, motorsports. Although honestly, I mainly watch them for the rivalries (The St Louis-Chicago rivalry has ruined me haha).

    Lastly, I also am into nature and animals. In fact, I'm currently a cat owner as I speak.

    Where else to find me:[edit | edit source]

    I'm not that active on the Wiki as much, but if you do wanna find me somewhere else, I'm on Reddit (The_Hidden_Darkness) and Instagram (missdemonshadow).

    I also have a Discord. Tag is in my bio (which you should take no notice of). And that's about it.

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