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    Hello, I guess, go browse through my wiki page or somethin.

    You can do them if you want

    Latvia Subdivisions

    Were changed in July 2021


    Cities in italics shows cities with over 1 million population







    Trust Territories


    Some art

    Art for me

    UsernamesWasTaken (by Mitchecc).png

    by Mitchecc

    Group Art

    I should probably get an actual userball flag soon maybe

    Icons I Made

    Hugoland-icon.png UsernamesWasTaken-icon.png Snake Hill-icon.png Tungus Republic-icon.png West Who-icon.png Alta California-icon.png Nahwa-icon.png Far Eastern Federal District-icon.png Bochnia-icon.png Erzya-icon.png Iqaluit-icon.png Forest Finns-icon.png Tornedalians-icon.png Don Cossacks-icon.png Rusyns-icon.png Kumyks-icon.png Anarcho-Primitivism-icon.png 71-icon.png Negative-icon.png Natukhaj-icon.png DiscoMtcat101.gif Ainu-icon (Sakhalin).png Probably some others

    Art I Made

    Too lazy to find them just deal with it

    NO. .ON


    New Icon Test

    • Russia-X-icon.png Russiaball
    • Panama-X-icon.png Panamaball
    • Peru-X-icon.png Peruball
    • UK-X-icon.png UKball

    rip the icons

    “ The unknowingly unknown thing unknowing though unknowning and he unknowningly thought, if he it can unknow this unknowningly thought, which makes him unknownledged and unknowledgable if he removes the unknowningly thought. ”

    — Unknown, The Unknowledgable Unknown Person

    Westarctica-icon.pngNorway-icon.pngSweden-icon.pngIceland-icon.pngFinland-icon.pngDenmark-icon.pngScania-icon.pngGotland-icon.pngSvalbard-icon.pngFaroe-icon.pngAland-icon.pngShetland-icon.pngOrkney-icon.pngIngria-icon.pngVeps-icon.pngSouth Uist-icon.pngJavakhk-icon.pngLadonia-icon.pngVikesland-icon.pngAmambay-icon.pngForvik-icon.pngLagoan Isles-icon.pngPeter I Island-icon.pngKalmar Union-icon.pngEstonia-icon (Nordic).pngNorrland-icon.pngUnited Baltic Duchy-icon.pngSaar Protectorate-icon.pngVolyn-icon.pngStavropol-icon.pngTbilisi-icon.pngIngria-icon.pngFrisia-icon.pngKarelia2.png

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    Cyrillic language list thing idk

    eg Espanol - Spanish

    абаза - Abaza

    Аҧсуа - Abkhaz

    Адыгабзэ - Adyghe

    Алтай - Altai

    Азәрбајҹан - Azerbaijani

    башҡорт - Bashkir

    беларуская - Belarusian

    български - Bulgarian

    буряад - Buryat

    нохчийн - Chechen

    ԓыгъоравэтԓьан - Chukchi

    гӀалгӀай - Ingush

    къэбэрдэйбзэ - Kabardian

    Хальмг - Kalmyk

    қазақша - Kazakh

    ханты - Khanty

    Кыргызча - Kyrgyz

    лакку - Lak

    лезги - Lezgian

    македонски - Macedonian

    ма̄ньси - Mansi

    мокшень - Moksha

    монгол - Mongolian

    ирон - Ossetian

    русский - Russian

    русиньскый - Rusyn

    српски - Serbian

    табасаран - Tabasaran

    Тоҷикӣ - Tajik

    татар - Tatar

    тыва - Tuvan

    Удмуртия - Udmurt

    українська - Ukrainian

    саха - Yakut

    This here proves that cyrillic is not always russian or somethin

    Rob Robert Rob will rob the bank which will rob his time in the rob to get rob, also ROB stands for region for background in photography


    0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, 10 ,11,14,71,404

    V •




    Vivelaspin.gifSpinning-Mtcat.gifSpinning3ball.gifSpinninHungarianMapper17-icon.gifSpinninlegion.gifCzechiaStronk Spinning-icon.gifJoogospin.gifGerman Revolution-icon.gifBlank Revolution-icon.gifRussian Revolution-icon.gifPolish Revolution-icon.gifItalian Revolution-icon.gifBelgian Revolution-icon.gifHungarian Revolution-icon.gifBulgarian Revolution-icon.gifCarlospin.gifArmenian Revolution-icon.gif

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