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    🌌Who are you?🌌

    Heyo! My name's Shadow! But feel free to call me Ace, Star, Spirit, whatever.


    I'm pretty nice most of the time, but at times I can be bit of a jerk, also rather shy. I'm usually pretty nice once you know me. Just don't piss me off and you're good.

    🌙A little history nobody asked for🌙

    I joined Polandball Wiki around 2017 as Kittygirl888. However, at the time I was underage, and was heavily toxic.

    During that time, I also made alts. And most of them either got deactivated or have been banned.

    I promised to never come back to the wiki, but since somehow a good amount of people liked me and wanted me to stay, I did on one condition: I had to be blocked on August 2nd, 2019. As that was when I would turn 13.

    During my block, I stayed on Discord, looked after the Wiki and I helped the moderators catch multiple bad users. I also tried joining other Polandball related servers, most of which I either left or got banned from.

    On August 2nd, 2019, the day finally came, and I returned to editing on the wiki. While still helping the moderators on stuff. Though my activity decreased overtime.

    As of 2021, I can into Discord moderator myself!

    And as of August 9th, 2021, due to the announcement of FANDOM shutting down the community, I migrated to here, and I hope to do good here as I did on FANDOM.

    ✨About me✨

    I'm a 15 year old girl who loves anything art, music, pizza, etc. Bi as heck and possibly Gray-Aro. I'm also neurodivergent (Autistic and ADHD) so please be patient.

    I'm a self-taught artist, usually drawing the first thing that pops into my head. Yes, this includes countryballs, though I don't draw them as often anymore. As of now, I'm using Medibang and IbisPaintX to draw.

    I'm also very into sports (except golf and basketball). Usually into hockey (Capitals/Blues), baseball(Royals/Cardinals), football (Chiefs), sometimes soccer (Sporting KC), and as of recent, motorsports.

    Lastly, I'm a cat person, currently a cat owner as I speak.

    🔮Where else to find me🔮

    I'm slowly returning to activity on this Wiki, but if you wanna find me elsewhere, my Discord tag is The_Hidden_Darkness#3650. I'm also on Reddit (u/The_Hidden_Darkness) and Instagram (missdemonshadow).

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