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    Custom information
    Custom 1🌌Who are you?🌌

    Heya! My name's Shadow! But you can also call me Star, Spirit, Shad, whatever.

    Custom 2☔Now, for a brief history of myself☔

    I first joined the Polandball Wiki in 2017 as a user named Kittygirl888- incredibly cheesy username, I know. However, I was way too young to join, put simply, and was banned when it was discovered I was underage at the time.

    I made several alts, harassed multiple users, even got myself in situations that's best not described... yeah. I was not a good user at all. It even led me to getting banned from the r/polandballusers server.

    It took me time to realize what I had done and I felt pretty guilty. I knew the community hated me. And I was considering leaving, but thanks to a few friends (and some breaks), I decided to come back, one one condition- I had to be blocked until August 2nd, 2019. As that was when I turned 13.

    During this time, I still watched over the Wiki, and even helped the mods catched some bad users.

    The rest is history, so, yeah.

    Other information
    TVUhhh... does sports count? Haha.
    MusicAny genre, just as long as the song is good.
    DrinksTea made from deadly nightshade berries, of course!
    Personal information
    Real nameAislin, but call me Shadow.
    HometownKansas City, Missouri
    OccupationI guess art counts? I'm also a student.
    Schools...I'm not going to answer that.
    About me✨About me✨

    I'm a 15-year old girl who loves art, Polandball, sports, and music. Bi as heck and possibly Gray-Aro. I'm also neurodivergent (ADHD and Autistic), so please be patient.

    I'm a self-taught artist, usually drawing the first thing in my head, including polandball. I'm currently using Medibang and IbisPaintX to draw.

    I'm also into nature and animals, currently a cat owner as I speak in fact!

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