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    Polandball Wiki

    LumiNyte aka Molten Bird

    Oh boy this page is a huge mess. Might fix a lot of it soon.

    'Hello and welcome to my userpage!'

    Hello everybody, it's me, Molten Bird, more commonly known as LumiNyte. You may know me as the guy who did that one thing that one time and also got into that scandal at one point. But now here I am here to... what was I supposed to do again? Idk, exist?

    Yeah I don't have much to say. My history here is basically being stupid in the old wiki in 2018, getting banned, returning and apologizing in 2019, being active for some time, becoming less active later in 2019 and the entirity of 2020, deciding to return in 2021, being a lot more active than ever, becoming a moderator, going inactive after some drama, getting demoted, being fine with it as I know why it could have happened. Now here I am, an average semi active member, and I'm pretty fine with it.

    Icons: Lumi-icon.png
    LumiHatKid-icon.png (by Joogotakensaad)
    SCISLumiNyte-icon.png SCISLuMidnight-icon.png (by Livony)

    Woken up.png This user is currently Semi–active.
    "I have things to do elsewhere"
    3ADA8490-195F-4E1A-8D49-D52F6DBEF8C4.jpeg This user is LumiNyte.
    2-icon.png0-icon.png1-icon.png8-icon.png This user has been on the Polandball Wiki since 2018 (5 years)
    Le polandball fedora.png This user sucks at drawing comics.
    Arrowmantic.png This user is Aromantic.
    "What is love?"
    DiscordLogo.png This user is on Polandball Wiki Discord Server
    Antifascismball.png This user is Anti-Fascist.
    "Death to the genocidal fascists!"
    Facebook Iranball.png This user is Anti-Imperialist.
    "¡Death to the Great Satan!"
    Lazy.png This user is reeeeally lazy
    Agenderball1.png This user is Agender.
    "I can into no gender"
    Kitty(new).png This user really likes cats.

    ""Meow, purr""

    Drawings made by me[edit | edit source]

    Drawings made for me[edit | edit source]

    Memes[edit | edit source]


    Like[edit | edit source]

    • Y'all lovable and kind people
    • Gaming
      • Terraria - Pretty much my childhood game. Have a lot of fun memories from this and I keep playing it. Great soundtrack and gameplay.
      • Minecraft - Alright, nostalgic.
      • Sonic - Alright game series, some of their games are great.
      • Mario - Favorite game series, 90% of their games are great and the rest range from alright to meh.
        • Super Mario Galaxy - It's my favorite game. Has a great soundtrack and mechanics. Most galaxies are REALLY fun to play in. Especially Melty Molten AKA Hell Prominence.
      • A Hat in Time - Cutest game ever
      • Zelda - Only played LTTP but it was great, and most of their other games are good too from what I expect.
      • Ace Attorney - Objection! I was hoping to come up with something to write here while I was objecting, your honor. I didn't...
    • Movies
      • Star Wars - Favorite movie series.
      • Nolan movies - Nolan is the best director. The Dark Knight, Inception, Interstellar and Tenet are masterpieces. Too bad I couldn't watch the rest.
      • Pulp Fiction
      • Parasite
    • Travelling
    • Scott the Woz - Favorite youtuber, grouse.
    • AVGN - Another favorite youtuber.
    • Music
      • System Of A Down - Fav band, everything about their music is perfect.
      • Linkin Park - Rest in peace Chester.
      • Queen
      • The Beatles - A band I want to get into soon, I love what I heard from them.
      • Radiohead
      • Muse - Latest band I got into
      • Imagine Dragons - My first band, not as good as I initially thought they were, but hey, none of us are. S+M and Mercury good.
      • Coldplay - My second band, not as good as I initially thought they were, but hey, none of us are. AROBTTH and Viva La Vida good.

    Dislike[edit | edit source]

    • My Past - Please don't remind me of a lot of past stuff involving me.
    • Fascists - Hating fascism is not a political opinion, it's human decency.
    • People who treat others like shit

    • Romania-icon.png Gneisenauu - Yeah you left after the first wiki but I still wanna include you here. You've been an amazing friend as we both had big character arcs where we were Ultranats and sided with controversial users in the past but we both became more politically literate and realized that the users we sided with were bad. Besides that, we've been super friendly and supportive to each other. Thanks a lot for everything.
    • ShiningflairV2-icon.png shiningflair - Shining, you're one of the nicest, most kindhearted and lovable people I know online. You've always been incredibly kind to me and I'm very thankful for that. You're also really funny at times and you're a great artist as well. Thanks a lot for being very kind and really everything.
    • NeyaAmhed-icon.png Dfan - Aaand you're the other kindest person I know online. You've been the person I've trusted the most online at the peak of our friendship and you still are really nice to talk to whenever I get the chance to talk with you. Stay safe, hope you're okay.
    • Livony-icon.png Liv - We barely talked since the start of 2022 so I don't know what happened and changed with you but from what I remember you were amazing. You're nice and fun.
    • Srpska Republic-icon.png KiK - Yeah we haven't talked in years but I still remember and like you. You've always been very nice and funny. I have some really good memories with you and I'm glad to have met you. Artshak is Canada and I had brain tumor for breakfast ;)
    • Robo-icon.png Robo - You're cool and fun to talk to. You're funny too. For some reason I don't have much to say about you but you are great.

    I'll try to write more soon.

    Semiactive-icon.png This user is semiactive. Semiactive-icon.png
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