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    Hello , my name is Luli Logo (AKA : Olivera Investigates). I'm a PreCure!,logos, Polandball and Gachatube fan. I liked the idea of collaborating with others and it is fascinating how many things I can learn from Miraheze.

    How I met Countryballs?

    t all started in May 2019, when a Countryhumans meme appeared on YouTube, it was a You got that meme, I didn't know anything about the fandom, so I took a look at it, I wasn't completely convinced, the designs were a bit disgusting; but since it was curious, I investigated more and it was worse, rare ships, horrible photos and absurd memes (at least some drawings are worth it, right?).

    Days later a video of Countryballs appeared, I did not want to see it because it seemed to be the same garbage, but I accidentally saw it and it was the opposite, I liked it, they looked cute, it was from Un Juan Cualquiera (nostalgia), it was fun, I I laughed and everything, I even got to a point where I started to draw and dream about them. This is how I met the fandom.

    Lucy Land

    It was a kingdom that I created when I was little, there I lived with a friendly fairy / demon named Heren, the Inheritance fairy, there it was pink, so much so that the black and white was white and pink. She had a fictitious language called Lucinese, which was written through faces and symbols, the alphabet was similar to Spanish, but with different writing and new accents.

    Her backstory

    It all begins when they were an 11ball, until, in 1879, an Argentinaball appeared out of nowhere in the jungle, so, with what it learned from the army, it colonized the place and became the Scarlet Monarchyrawr (Lucy Land's mother) after a war with the 11balls, the peace is signed after 1 week, they mix their cultures and after 11 years, Scarletrawr marries Far Landsball and she has her daughter, that's how Lucy Landball is born.


    Lucy Landball

    Here you can post fan arts of my userball and her family.

    A stateball by day

    Here I post a challenge that is drawing a USA stateball everyday until end, I inspired by a video of mine called "Russiaball pronounces the USA states names", the audio was made by The Life of Boris and the animation its totally mine. Then I start drawing them, sometimes I didn't draw one, but curently I do, enjoy.

    Video link (and now you know that I have a YouTube channel) : https://youtu.be/PPCy9ScKuOI

    Sadly, I can't put galleries (by now), so you can see them in DeviantArt now : https://www.deviantart.com/watermelonlucy/gallery/79905169/stateballs-usa

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