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    About me[edit | edit source]

    ME Big star wars fan! Han shot first! I like the pixelated icons for the different balls so above this text are a few of them. My name on the discord is grassblock 17. I also draw for pages on this wiki and if there is a page you want me to do, let me know!

    Special Pages[edit | edit source]

    Recently I have been looking at the different lanuage varients of this wiki. While looking at them I have found pages that are not found on this wiki so here are some of them for you.  :) Remember to click on the google translate button to see them in your lanuage!

    Gallery[edit | edit source]

    Photoshop.png This user uses Photoshop

    here is some countryball artwork that I have made in time since joining the wiki:

    Fantasy countryball battle
    Chilpancingoball by Lincolnshireball
    Englandball in the night
    Linclonshireball with its favourite plant. dog-violets.png
    Nakhon Sawanball by lincolnshireball
    Lincolnshireball 2.png
    Sus lincolnshireball
    Sus lincolnshireball
    jedi lincolnshireball
    jedi lincolnshireball
    Lincolnshireball warrior in the style of spartan warior
    Lincolnshireball warrior in the style of spartan warior
    Circle with dark yellow quarters which have a white cross (like a plus sign) with red outline. There are two eyes which are black outlines with white which are shaped like upside down 'Ds'.
    Ålandball from swedenball
    Ålandball from swedenball
    North Uistball
    North Uistball
    Danish Gold Coastball
    Swedish gold coastball
    Osroenball winking.png
    Cluj-Napocaball made by Lincolnshireball
    Sultanate of Ternateball
    Taichungball by lincolnshireball
    Mount Lebanon Emirateball
    Seuna (Yadava) Dynastyball
    Roman Britainball.png

    Photoshop.png This user uses Photoshop
    Animeuserbox.png This user likes anime.
    Userboxgamer.png This user is A Gamer.
    "Time to defeat the Ender Dragon!!!"
    Drawing-4.sketchpad (1).png This user is male
    Atheism.png This user is Atheist.
    "There is no god!"
    Ecofriendlinessball.png This user is Eco-Friendly.
    "You must take care of our Earth!"
    968964 143468449188415 69232730 n.jpg This user speaks English.
    "Yes, of course!"
    Democracyball.png This user is Democratic.
    "Can I into vote?"
    Kitty(new).png This user really likes cats.

    ""Meow, purr""

    Happyball.png This user is Active.

    Active-icon.png This user is active! Active-icon.png
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