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    ‚Äú ūüé∂ Gallarda surcaste los mares del mundo, venciendo en tu lucha a la tempestad ūüé∂ ‚ÄĚ
    Ivih-icon.png Ivih vibing' with his favourite march

    Ivih-icon.png Hi(? Ivih-icon.png[edit | edit source]

    Well, hello(?. I'm some random countryball fan and i want to help the wiki, and of course meeting people.

    Right now i'm interested in making pages for south american wars and tribes that aren't in the wiki.

    my tabs are broken ik

    Ivih-icon.png Pages created by me Ivih-icon.png[edit | edit source]

    Liga de los Pueblos Libres-icon.png Liga de los Pueblos Libresball

    Estado de Buenos Aires-icon.png State of Buenos Ayresball

    Selk'nam-icon.png Selk'namball

    Charrua-icon.png Charruaball

    Bolivar Republic-icon.png Bolivar Republicball

    Wallmapu-icon.png Wallmapurawr

    Mapuche(rawr)-icon.png Mapucherawr

    Spanish Empire-icon.png British invasions of the Rio de la Plata British Empire-icon.png

    Argentine Confederation-icon.png Platine war Brazilian Empire-icon.png

    Argentina (1818)-icon.png Cisplatine War Brazilian Empire-icon.png

    Argentina-icon.png The Battle of The Rural Argentina-icon.png

    Argentina-icon.png Battle of La Laguna Del Desierto Chile-icon.png

    Argentine Confederation-icon.png War of The Parana UK-icon.png France-icon.png

    Argentina (1818)-icon.png Argentine occupation of California Spanish Empire-icon.png

    Argentina-icon.png Argentina(dictatorship)-icon.png Independencia Operation ERP-icon.png Montoneros-icon.png

    Querandi-icon.png Querandiball

    Diaguita-icon.png Diaguitaball

    La Boca-icon.png La Boca Republicball

    Argentine Confederation-icon.png Buenos Ayres War Estado de Buenos Aires-icon.png

    Argentine Confederation-icon.png French Blockade of the Silver River France-icon.png

    Upper Peru-icon.png Upper Peruball

    Argentine Confederation-icon.png Argentine intervention on Uruguay Uruguay-icon.png

    Argentine Confederation-icon.png Battle of Costa Brava Kingdom of Italy-icon.png

    Argentina-icon.png Tragic Week (Argentina) Anarcho Communism-icon.png

    Argentine Confederation-icon.png USS Congress incident USA-icon.png

    Spanish Empire-icon.png Pincheira Brothersball

    Ivih-icon.png Icons made by me Ivih-icon.png[edit | edit source]

    Liga de los Pueblos Libres-icon.pngCharrua-icon.pngEstado de Buenos Aires-icon.pngLiga del Interior-icon.pngUC-icon.pngUCR-icon.pngERP-icon.pngMontoneros-icon.pngSantiago Del Estero-icon.pngArgentina(1812)-icon.pngSan Martin-icon.pngBelgrano-icon.pngBanda Oriental-icon.pngPartido Colorados-icon.pngPartido Blancos-icon.pngBolivar Republic-icon.pngTehuelche-icon.pngLa Matanza-icon.pngWallmapu-icon.pngKingdom of Araucania and Patagonia-icon.pngMapuche(rawr)-icon.pngArgentina(dictatorship)-icon.pngArgentina-icon (Mazorca Soldier).pngArgentina(president).pngQuerandi-icon.pngDiaguita-icon.png

    Kompas (friends)[edit | edit source]


    i'm a few words guy when talking about this things don't judge me pls .c

    Ivih-icon.png Political opinions Ivih-icon.png[edit | edit source]

    Anything that isn't here - Switzerland-icon.png (or i didn't noticed)

    Abkhazia-icon.png Abkhazia and South Ossetia-icon.png South Ossetia - Free. 

    Armenia-icon.png Armenian Genocide - Happened.

    Mapuche-icon.png Possible Mapu Republicn. o.

    Molossia-icon.png Molossia and Sealand-icon.png Sealand - The stronkest countries in the planet.

    Palestine-icon.png Palestine and Israel-icon.png the guys that control the world  - Both are independent.

    Poland-icon.png Holocaust - Happened (duh).

    Taiwan-icon.png True China China-icon.png - Technically both are true chinas, but I prefer Taiwan (ew homosex).

    LGBT-icon.png ew homosexball - Switzerland-icon.png Neutral, but stop dancing almost buttnaked in the middle of the foocking street in front of kids goddammit. (just kidding, ik, not all the homos do that)

    Nazi.gif Neo-Nazis - I don't like them, most of them are a bunch of edgy teens; but sometimes i joke about being an argentine nazi spy Poland.gif  ūüé∂ got a one-way ticket to Argentina! ūüé∂ 

     Ivih-icon.png Gallery Ivih-icon.png[edit | edit source]

    My userball[edit | edit source]

    Drawn by me[edit | edit source]

    Ivih-icon.png Userboxes Ivih-icon.png[edit | edit source]

    Ivih.png This user is Ivih! :D
    "noses are shaped like a penis, you have a penis in your face"
    Drawing-151.sketchpad.png This user is male
    Ecofriendlinessball.png This user is Eco-Friendly.
    "You must take care of our Earth!"
    Argentinaball 1.png This user is Argentine.
    "Remove Breta√Īa y Chile puto!"
    2ballnew.png This user is Caucasic / White.
    "We are the western ethnicity!"
    Hetero2.png This user is heterosexual.
    "I like my opposite sex."
    Woken up.png This user is currently Semi‚Äďactive.
    "I have things to do elsewhere"
    Centrismball.png This user is Centrist.
    "Radicalism is Anti-Democratic!"
    Lazy.png This user is reeeeally lazy
    Argentina-icon.pngUruguay-icon.png This user descends from both Argentina and Uruguay.
    Italy-icon.pngHungary-icon.png This user descends from both Italy and Hungary.
    Charrua-icon.pngSpanish Empire-icon.png This user descends from both Charrua and Spanish Empire.
    Inti Paganismball.png This user is into incan paganism.
    2-icon.png0-icon.png2-icon.png0-icon.png This user has been on the Polandball Wiki since 2020
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