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    Hey there user, Welcome to my userpage
    ZZZZZZZ... huh? oh, welcome to my userpage.
    If you want to question me or message me, leave them in the [talk].

    AltaNuevoTejas is high a user on the Polandball Wiki, Why? because he was high for absolutely no reason. His Flag is inspired by the Flag of Alta California used by Juan Alvarado and the flag of Coahuila y Tejas, His name is inspired by the lost Mexican territories (Alta California, Nuevo México, and Coahuila y Tejas)


    Around 2023, I was scrolling through Youtube and found a channel called StateBalls, after that, it gave me more interest in countryballs and found others like Drew Durnil, Bulgarian Countryball, MrSpherical and Andjobe and that led me to this wiki. I was just scrolling around the pages and found errors and missing stuff and I didn't feel like fixing them because I was lazy and I made an account because I felt like it and fix stuff when I don't feel lazy but still made the account for no good reason.

    Places I've Been To

    In The Past

    In the Future


    Western Sahara is Independent

    Palestine is Independent

    Transnistria is Independent

    Kosovo is Serbian

    Somaliland is Somalian

    Tibet is Chinese

    Catalonia is Spanish

    The Armenian Genocide happened

    South Korea is the TRUE KOREA! (I support reunification but under the policies of South Korea)

    Neutral with China and Taiwan Dispute

    I support Venezuela on the dispute with Guyana

    Neutral to the Falklands dispute with Argentina and UK

    Crimea is Russian

    Northern Cyprus is REAL CYPRUS

    Quebec is Canada



    Almost Everyone but Espacially:

    • Mexico - Where my parents are from and also a GREAT country! I feel really bad for you because of your corruption and your crimes
    • Spanish Republicans - I support you against Fascist Fake Spain
    • Canada - I don't know you much because I only came to Vancouver for a flight stop but as far as I know, you are a good country (and your Northern Territories are sparsely populated just like Old Mexico)
    • Japan - I haven't been on your country (In fact, I never left the North American continent currently) but I know a lot about you like your history and your technology (Anime, your kaiju films, manga, your video games are amazing!), but too much work hours (and one more thing, may Akira Toriyama rest in peace...)
    • South Korea - I like your culture (and Japan's), K-Pop is good, but also too much work hours and I recognize you as the real Korea!
    • Vietnam - THEY ARE IN THE TREES!!! just kidding... I love your history and culture too! and I'm quite impressed on how you defeated USAball (No offense to you, USA)
    • Philippines - This country was governed by Mexico (as New Spain) and was also ruled by the US, which i find quite interesting because those two countries are my nationalities and I like your culture (In fact, I like most South/East/South East Asian culture) also I like your children Manila, Quezon City, and Palawan)
    • India - Its culture is good, your food is good and I love spicy! (I shouldn't have ate that Phaal Curry, too spicy for me) and I like its music, people, and dances but remove scammers!
    • El Salvador - Can into removings corruption (I think) and can into safety now!
    • Morocco - I recognize the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, but I think you're a cool African country.
      • : Thanks for that but still remove recognition of Fake Country
    • Peru and Bolivia - Incas and potatoes are good :)
    • Argentina - One thing I find kinda cool about you is Hawaii was the first to recognize you and cool that you captured Alta California.
    • Brazil - Cool diverse community of immigrants!
    • Chile - Nice job on expansion and being the only Hispanic to annex a Polynesian/Austronesian Island: Easter Island
    • Cook Islands - (see Asian Pacific Islanders, just 2 below this one)
    • Niue - Same as Cook Islands
    • Asian Pacific Islanders - I love your culture, mythology, dances, and your history
    • Bulgaria - The home of one of my favorite Countryball Youtubers: Bulgarian Countryball
    • Madagascar - I LIKE TO MOVE IT MOVE IT Sooo...you are Afro-Austronesian? just a question but like you, I also liked the movie
    • Ottoman Empire - One of my favorite historical empires but the Armenian Genocide was wrong
      • : Thank you for recognizing genocide
    • Crimea - Crimea is Russian (This may be controversial to you but it's my opinion, yes, I'm talking to you user)
    • Russia - Crimea is yours and I like your people, culture, and food (actually, I'm neutral to the invasion, I just lean more on the your side)
    • Ireland - I love your butter and potatoes (sorry for the potato famine, even though it was a long time ago) and I never forgot John Riley and The Saint Patrick Battalion
    • Cuba - My favorite country in the Caribbean!
    • China - I love your history and culture! also I like your development with those high tech stuff like Japan, even though you both hate each other
    • Taiwan - I love the 85°C Bakery Cafe but besides that, I also like other stuff about you
    • Oman, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia - Good unique Arabian countries
    • Former Dutch Colony - You're also a cool country with some cool history
    • Italy - The once powerful empire: SPQRball and I like your food!
    • Singapore - I like your developed city!
    • German Empire - I believe Serbia really started the Great War, not you


    • United States of America - (Where I Live) I like you overall, but you had a greedy past, and please stop your racist attitude towards my kind and others
    • Ukraine - I sorta support Russia but I like your food
    • Albania - You're okay but you support Kosovo


    • North Korea - No one gives a crap about your nukes! and also you're fake Korea
    • Nazi Germany - I don't think I need to explain...
      • : I am used to ze hate already
      • : no
    • Francoist Spain - WHY ARE THERE STILL PEOPLE SUPPORTING YOU?! You are of fake spain, plus I don't like Nazis or Fascists, glad you and Franco died (You have a nice flag though)
    • Kosovo and Somaliland - Sorry but, I don't recognize you
      • : >:(


    Monterreyball - Added a lot of stuff

    Mexicoball - Only deleted a very small part, located right after the list of Mexico's enemies

    Anschluss - Added a tangle version for Mexico and Aztec Empire

    Aztec Empireball - Restored its profile picture and all of it's missing icons:

    Argentine Montereyball - Added a lot (but not as much as Monterreyball) stuff (btw I made his icon)

    Second Federal Republic of Mexicoball - Added so much stuff you should go see for yourself


    This user is Mexican.
    "¿Que pasa wey?"
    This user is American.
    "God bless 'Murica."
    This user is Catholic.
    "Habemus papam!"
    This user is Indigenist.
    "Indigenous rights must be respected"
    This user is heterosexual.
    "I like my opposite sex."
    This user is Cisgender.
    This user is Christian.
    "Father, Son and Holy Spirit"
    This user is male
    This user is Active.
    This user is Nationalist.
    "Long live our nation and homeland!"
    This user is Eco-Friendly.
    "You must take care of our Earth!"
    This user has been on the Polandball Wiki since 2024 (0 years).
    This user is Theist.
    "God is real"
    This user is Anti-Imperialist.
    "¡Death to the Great Satan!"
    This user is Religious.
    "Faith is of good!"
    This user is Populist.
    "For the people, not the elites!"
    This user is Anti-Fascist.
    "Death to the genocidal fascists!"
    This user is Democratic Socialist.
    "I will establish a socialist government by democratic means"
    This user is reeeeally lazy
    This user speaks English.
    "Yes, of course!"
    This user speaks Spanish.
    "¡Hola, amigos!"
    File:Californiaball-0.png This user is Californian.
    "#1 state in the US (in homelessness!)"
    This user is Washingtonian
    "Starbucks is the best!"
    This user is Texan.
    This user likes anime.
    This user is A Gamer.
    "Time to defeat the Ender Dragon!!!"
    This user is Conservative.
    "Keep it long! We love nativity!"
    This user is Liberal.
    "Regulate the free market and respect the minorities!"
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