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    Template:MovingOn Template:Infobox universeballFile:Universe-icon.pngUniverseball, also known as Cosmosball or Polandballball, is a very, very, very large ball that contains all that we know of. It contains very many Galaxyballs. He is by far the oldest ball.

    Although Universeball is not often shown as an individual in certain comics, he resides as the setting of all of them. All Polandball comics take place in the Universeball, and most countries do not realize that. Poland wishes he can explore the universe, but because he cannot into space, he currently cannot and probably will not ever explore Universe's deep wonders. Universeball is usually very peaceful, as he prefers not to interfere with other countryballs, planetballs, or galaxyballs for that matter. If Universe does interact with other beings, however, it will probably come with extreme cataclysmic consequences, ending File:Poland-icon.png Polandball as we know it.

    Everybody wants to know where and how universeball came from. But Universeball say no because is of irrelevant topic.

    Some scientists on Template:GetIcon Earthball theorize that there are multiple Universeballs, which would make a Multiverseball.

    How He Formed (?)[edit | edit source]

    How Universeball into existings is a point of much controversy. Many differing and often conflicting theories have been put forth.

    Template:I Deity[edit | edit source]

    A lonely deity was bored so he created it. This might be what Template:I Template:I Template:I Template:I Template:I most world religions accept, but it's mostly controversial because of topic below... (although the Roman Catholic Church accepts the Big Bang theory)

    Template:I Big Bang[edit | edit source]

    An earlier universeball ended with a Big Crunch and exploded with radiation and a lot of energy.

    Template:I Black Hole Theory[edit | edit source]

    A File:Black Hole-icon.png Black Holeball ate a Universeball. His protons disintegrated and he evaporated. He exploded, and he died.

    Vacuum Decay Theory[edit | edit source]

    This is a relatively new theory based on whether or not the Higgs boson is metastable. If it is, there is a possibility the boson could suddenly decay into a lower energy state, releasing so much energy it causes other nearby bosons within the Higgs field to decay as well. This results in a bubble where the inside is at a lower, more stable energy state. All the extra energy is pushed out to the boundaries, incinerating anything that touches it instantly. It is possible that the Universeball is one such bubble expanding into another, larger unstable universe.

    How He Will End (?)[edit | edit source]

    Big Crunch[edit | edit source]

    Gravity wins and everything collides. All of Polandball will be a very small fireball. However, in the last few moments, all of the black holeballs merge and devour everything left, forming a new black holeball, that will also devour itself and possibly start a new big bang.

    Big Freeze (aka Heat Death)[edit | edit source]

    Expansion wins and new starballs won't form. They will die in this order:

    1. Blue Super Giantballs
    2. Yellow Dwarfballs
    3. Red Dwarfballs
    4. White Dwarfballs
    5. Black Dwarfballs
    6. Neutron Starballs
    7. Black Holeballs

    Afterward, many planetballs will be left without stars and will remain floating through space at temperatures barely above absolute zero. They will become so old that they will eventually just decay, leaving Polandball finally able to of into space. That leaves only Black Holeballs to live. Then, trillions of years in the future, their protons will disintegrate and they will evaporate and die.

    Death by Non-Existence[edit | edit source]

    In this very unlikely scenario, the universe will disappear suddenly due to the quantum flux. But it is very unlikely. Because of this very low chance, all countryballs laugh at this possibility. But being too (un)lucky will lead to this happening.

    Big Rip[edit | edit source]

    Dark energy takes over both gravity and the expansion of Universeball and tears up everything, and nothing will survive. Not even atoms.

    Phase Transition[edit | edit source]

    Basically called a "Death Bubble" and will consume everything in its path. Nothing will survive. It also expands at the speed of light.

    Deity destroys the universe[edit | edit source]

    The deity gets bored of it or Polandballs break too many rules

    He doesn't[edit | edit source]

    Universal physics and/or diety is kind and Universeball cannot into end

    Gallery[edit | edit source]

    How to draw[edit | edit source]

    There are many ways to draw Universeball- here's one of them!

    1. Draw a dark purple ball
    2. Sprinkle little white, light blue, black, red, orange, and yellow dots all around.
    3. Draw some vibrant, colourful galaxies!
    4. Add the eyes.
    5. Enter a more advanced image program than Paint (gasp!), and change the background to be transparent.
    6. You're done! Best thing ever


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