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    Summary of the situation in Afghanistan

    A guy who can't make ambulances (talkcontribs)

    Just a summary of what has been going on in Afghanistan For those who aren't aware, the Taliban took control of the country in only ~2 weeks as US troops rapidly withdrew. The Taliban have been going on a reign of terror ever since they took control. Examples include setting up checkpoints and arresting/attacking people trying to evacuate through the airport, setting up checkpoints elsewhere in Kabul, ordering gender segregation in schools, arresting female journalists, arresting a US contractor and claiming he went "missing" in their custody, destroying musical instruments and an amusement park, and firing on protesters raising the former afghan flag. The airport is currently in chaos. there are giant crowds of people out on the tarmac who are staying on it 24/7. The airport is currently being guarded by American, British, German, and Belgian troops, but if any civilians try to leave the airport, they will be arrested by the Taliban. Almost every country has evacuated or is in the process of evacuating their diplomatic personnel. Currently there are also movements of afghan refugees trying to flee. The Turkish government built a wall on it's eastern border to prevent afghan refugees from getting in, while Albania and Kosovo have agreed to serve as a base for afghan refugees moving into Europe and the US. The US government currently has plans to house afghan refugees in military bases. Some other notes. Russia, China, and Tajikistan have done joint military exercises near the afghan border. There is currently an Afghan resistance against the Taliban going on in Panjshir. Prior to the fall of Kabul, the Afghan president fled the country for Tajikistan.

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