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Template documentation [ Edit ]


Use this template in order to create documentation for any template.


Copy the following code into your template doc page and fill the values:

{{Documentation |Description = |Usage = |Code = TemplateName {{!}}arg1=arg1value {{!}}arg2= |Params = {{Parameter|arg1|Arg1 description}} {{Parameter|arg2|Arg2 description|Default = "Default value of arg2"}} |Translatable= No }}


List of parameters used by this template:

Description: Optional. Description about what does the template and when to use it. If empty, it will be used a generic text with the template link (generated dynamically).

Default value: "Documentation for the Documentation template."

Usage: Optional. Instructions about how and where to use the template.

Default value: "Copy the following code into your page:"

Code: Required. Template sample code, starting with its NAME.

If the template uses args, add default values separated with "{{!}}" between each one (inline form). If there is to many args, you should use the nowiki tag for multiline. Do not add the starting/ending braces. You should fill the params values with useful content that makes easy the edition .

Params: Optional. Parameters description list. The {{Parameter}} template must to be used in order to describe each parameter.

Default value: null

Translatable: Optional. Mark documentation as translatable. Displays a menu containing shortcuts links to translated documentation (similar to {{I18n}}) if is set to "Yes" (case insensitive). Any other value, will be ignored.

Default value: "no"

Remember, also, categorize it under Category:Template documentation by adding this at the end:

<noinclude>[[Category:Template documentation]]</noinclude>