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    South Russiaball was a White Movementball's countryball, who fought against Russian SFSRball in the Caucasus.

    During its story, it changed names 3 times:

    • General Command of the Armed Forces of South Russiaball
    • South Russian Governmentball
    • Goverment of South Russiaball


    The Russian SFSR (old)-icon.png Bolsheviks of Russia had done a good job of conquering Russian clay in the Pontic-Caspian geographic area, especially in the Kuban and Caucasian regions. They replaced Don Republic-icon.png Don Republicball & Kuban People's Republic-icon.png Kuban People's Republicball as the Don and Kuban Soviet republics.

    In a counter terrorist attack known as the Second Kuban Campaign, many of the White Movement-icon.png volunteer army and liberate Kuban People's Republic-icon.png Kubanball & Don Republic-icon.png Don Republicball, where it encouraged both of the balls to join the General Command of the Armed Forces of South Russiaball.

    They also invaded Crimean Regional Government-icon.png Independent Crimea and set up forces to invade Ukrainian People's Republic-icon.png Free Territory-icon.png Ukrainian SSR-icon.png Ukraineball wow and almost 100 years later history repeated again for resources, even if the main target was Moscow-icon.png Moscowball up north.

    White Movement-icon.png Anton Denikin, the director of the South Russian Governmentball was believed to committed horrible atrocities against Ukrainianballs, which forced Free Territory-icon.png Makhnoviaball to side with the Russian SFSR (old)-icon.png Reds. Not only did White Movement-icon.png South Russiaball get its ass kicked out, and South Russiaball moved its base to Crimeaball and deform into a rump state known as Goverment of South Russiaball.

    White Movement-icon.png South Russiaball was surrounded by the reds, but had many troops recruited to Sevastopol-icon.png Sevastopolball. White Movement-icon.png South Russiaball finally got killed in November 1920.


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