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    Welcome to the Polandball Wiki!
    This is a community dedicated to Polandball and related materials.

    The wiki has been running since January 10, 2010. Since its founding, it has been an encyclopedia for all Polandballers.*
    Remember: Together, we make a better world!
    *The content listed on this wiki may not be allowed by the rules on /r/polandball & co.

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    Apr. 23, 2024: Fanon & Small Polandball Wikis are open!
    If you didn’t know already, there are two spin-off wikis that are open:

    Small Polandball Wiki is home to smaller subdivisions that do not meet the main wiki’s requirements for population, while Fanon Polandball Wiki is home to fictional countryballs.

    Please use these sites if making pages that fall into those categories, it keeps the main wiki less bloated.

    Happy editing!
    Feb. 17, 2024: Welcome to the Polandball Wiki on Miraheze!
    Polandball Wiki has migrated back to Miraheze, which itself is now under the ownership of WikiTide.

    You must create an account (click here) in order to edit if you did not have an account when the wiki was originally on Miraheze. All content has been restored and images are a work in progress. Feel free to edit!

    We encourage you to join our Discord server so we can chat! See our on-wiki discussions as well!

    Thanks for stopping by our wiki, we hope you'll like it!

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