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    Polandball Wiki

    Beginnings and Early Polandball Era

    The   Polandball was born on a German imageboard, named Krautchan. From there, many users of the board decided to export the meme to other sites. One of them,   Siberiaball, decided to create a wiki for it on January 10th, 2010. However, the Wikia remained pretty inactive and had few users.

    After making a couple of pages and getting bored, Siberiaball became inactive. After that, a new user   SexyMordecai5 adopted the wiki in late 2012. Besides this ownership change, the wiki remained pretty much idle. One of the users that joined in this period was   IDrowzee.

    Other websites, instead, had more traffic. Besides Krautchan slowly losing all interest, other communities flourished. One of them was /r/polandball, a subreddit, founded by the Serbian user /u/767.

    Early Reagan Era

    Arrival of new users

    With the inactivity of   SexyMordecai5, IDrowzee seized the opportunity and became the owner of the wiki in September 2014. This user, known in the Facebook Polandball community as Reagan, decided to make this Wikia more professional, by testing his own ideas on his test wiki.

    Under him, the Wikia got navboxes, the infoboxes, full pages, real images, and finally got tons of new rules that, before, were not existent.

    Under this revolutionary administration, many users joined the wiki. The most notable ones are the following:

    •   Privatejfx141, a Canadian user who fixed most of the templates
    •   Antonio12ITA, an Italian user who was promoted admin and helped created missing pages
    •   The Mysterious Contributor, an anonymous user (at the time) who created most of the pages in the wiki. He was proposed by IDrowzee to make an account and become an admin, but he refused. He is now known as "IohannesIohannium".
    •   Grooox, (also known as Smyterat or Syttu) a Portuguese user that created many pages
    • Melfenbein, a Romanian user that made many pages
    •   BainTheCool, another Romanian user, that led to the current friendships on the wiki
    • Blocked IP, an image uploader that made most of the images on this wiki at that time. It has been speculated a lot that this user is in fact IohannesIohannium

    Reddit-Wiki Tensions

    Because of   IDrowzee's arrogant personality, the relationship between the wiki and the subreddit became bad, since   IDrowzee saw his Wikia mocked and rejected by the mods of /r/polandball.

      IDrowzee was banned on /r/polandball because after having seen his hard work rejected he started insulting the moderators.

    Creation of Non-English Polandball Wikis

    In 2013 mid-November, a Floridan user, Vercetti Tommy, started a Spanish version of this wiki. Since he made few contributions, a Chilean user,   Voztok, adopted the Spanish Wikia in late 2014 and helped it grow, with new admins, navboxes, and pages. The two wikis currently have different versions of drawing rules.

    Meanwhile, in November 2014, Кирзик или СуперУитлиKirgzik ili SuperUitli, made a Russian version of this wiki. This wiki used to be somewhat active for a while.

    "The Golden Age"

    In the first half of 2015, many other users started to join the English version of the wiki, which grew exponentially. The new pages and images created made it able to compete with /r/polandball. Some of the comics there have been inspired by pages here.

    On the other hand, this Wikia saw the import of a unique Reddit mechanic, flair icons. On Reddit, those icons are behind a user's name. Here, instead, they are used anywhere. The first ones were imported by the users Blocked IP and   BainTheCool. The list of icons currently is this, with flairs from the subreddit but also new ones, for anything, from countries to cities and personal icons.

    A couple of users decided to create other language versions of the wiki. Many of these got abandoned just a few days after they were created. The ones that survived long enough to be still alive are the Italian, the Korean, and the Polish version. Of these, only the Polish one is active currently.

    The same happened to users of the Spanish version of this wiki, who created a wiki in Nahuatl, which is currently semi-abandoned.

    A mapping wiki, The Future of Europes Wiki, nicknamed Mapperdonia, saw this wiki. Some of the users, who were interested in the meme, joined this wiki as well. However, an infamous mapper,   Fantastic mapper, started insulting another user from the TFOE wiki. The drama managed to spill into the Polandball wiki and eventually he started creating many alts and spamming chat. Due to this, and other alt spammers starting to join,   Antonio decided to promote   Bain and Collisions to chat moderators.

    The Hong Konger user   Yhynerson1 and the Canadian user   Privatejfx141 found a way to simplify templates and get a better Home Page.   Italian Mysterious Contributor designed, with the help of their tests, the layout that's still in use now.

      Italian Mysterious Contributor, also translated the old-styled infoboxes to the new layout-made ones, still in use.

    Another wiki that was created was the "Polandball Wiki Users Wiki" (aka PWUW). This wiki was created to document events that happened on the wiki and give more information about the users.

    The Polandball Wiki "Civil War"

    In late 2015, an argument between   Collisions and   Grooox occurred, which led to   Reagan banning both of them, and other users who caused trouble in the past. The bans were quite short, but people got angry nonetheless.   Collisions was exiled to the Elementball wiki were many users joined the chat to talk with him.

    In 2015 September Blocked IP found   IDrowzee's IP on another wiki and doxxed his city. However,   Collisions was erroneously banned for doxxing instead.

      the Mysterious Contributor was also banned for his IP constantly changing due to being an IP user. He finally made an account in late 2015.

    All this sparked a large conflict within the community, which resulted in many people getting banned. People started posting more personal info on PWUW and because of this   IDrowzee deemed it a wiki for doxxing and would ban anyone who would edit it from further on.

    Many users protested, and even VSTF got involved, but it was no use. Everyone was forced to stay and chat on the Elementball Wiki. Later,   Antonio12ITA, who was admin, was also made bureaucrat by   Siberiaball who returned for a day after being messaged by another user.

    Although this may be seen as a dark era of the wiki, many have the fondest memories from this period of time.

    Antonian Era

    A New Owner

    Around December,   IDrowzee became inactive and   Antonio12ITA declared himself as the new owner.

    The first thing he did was promote   Italian Mysterious Contributor to admin and after an election,   BainTheCool as well.

    During this administration, various rule reforms were proposed and rejected by the popular vote, with   Antonio12ITA de facto keeping the old ones.

      Italian Mysterious Contributor started acting ruder and ruder to other users, which lead to him getting demoted and repromoted several times.

    The Early Discord Era

    In late 2016, a group of alt spammers called the Garfield Gang started spamming and overwriting images with NSFW ones on several wikis, including the Polandball Wiki.

    Some of the old users, who were not 13 years old, were reported to the Wikia staff who, according to the Terms of Use, permanently banned them. Other users, instead, got involved in a game that involved spamming the n-word and, according to the same Terms of Use, was banned.

      Bain also created a Discord server for the wiki just to mess around, but pretty much all of the active users decided to remain there as it was better than wiki chat and a lot easier to moderate. This also leads to the wiki becoming very inactive, with most old users losing interest in the wiki, mostly due to all of the interesting pages already being created and tons of annoying new users flooding the forums.

    Decline of Inactivity

      Italian Mysterious Contributor left the wiki in late May 2017, stopping any contribution that fixed the new pages and added images to such. The wiki was slowly becoming more and more unmoderated with the only activity being in the forums. The first iteration of the discord server also shut down during this time.

    Post-Reagan Period

    The Reformations

    In late July 2017, Reagan, the former owner died due to unknown reasons. There was a one-week blackout. On August 14, 2017, a private discord server for the wiki staff was made. After that, the current owner Antonio came to a decision that new staff was to be made.   Luki1223 and   Collisions were made admins, Crazyball was made moderator, and   ChocoMingo was promoted to content moderator. Luki1223 was the first to make effort with "Project Editor", in an attempt to encourage editing which did not help much. At the same time, song contests based off of Eurovision were also on the rise. New users began to flock to the forums with games and discussions. The chatroom once dead was being populated by new users. New problems emerged such as alt users, nationalistic debates, and admin apathy. But with the staff's effort, the wiki was gradually healing from its problems.

    The Silver Age

    In late 2017, most dramas died down, and the entire wiki appeared to be at a peace. There wasn't much that was being done, but there were frequent events to the point where activity isn't a major concern.   Meeerko and   Avery were promoted during this period of tranquility. The aforementioned private staff discord server would be transformed into the second iteration of the server, which was later opened around September 2018.

    Chocoian Era

    The Rise of NESTLEH

    In early July of 2019, Antonio suddenly announced that he would be stepping down from ownership, and NESTLEH would be the new owner. Following suit, a lot of discussions were made and more changes were pushed than ever before, including a planned mass deletion event. A lot of drama from relatively new users has also arisen. Originally, nobody this was seen as nothing unprecedented, but it did eventually spiral out of control.   Collisions and   Avery became very active during this period, running the Wikia and the Server together in spite of   ChocoMingo's inactivity.

    ChocoMingo steps down

    From the period 2020 September 25-October 1,   Collisions and   Melody were made the owners of the Wikia and the Discord Server respectively. Originally this was moved by ChocoMingo's inactivity, but after a lot of drama, ownership was split between the Wikia and the Discord server. At the start of this, things seemed rather shaky and a few relevant users left the community up to this point, but so far things have seemed positive for the Wikia.

    Pre-Miraheze Period

    The Fall of the Wikia and move to Miraheze

    The Fall of the Wikia Chat and the Forums

    The fall began in Late 2019 when Fandom decided to bring new changes to their platform, notably the first phase of UCP. When Fandom rolled these updates in, the chat was destroyed and the forums got replaced with the discussions. Once the Discord users knew about these updates, they were angered but over time they were forced to adapt and get used to the discussions. This update was the first phase of the fall of Polandball Wiki Fandom.

    The Discord Server

    Meanwhile, Melody, known then as Avery, was taking care of the Discord server, with xem promoting people to the staff, notably Councillor and advisor. More users who joined saw this Discord server as a based and holy second home. Notable people who joined in this period were Rakhine,   Livony, Mtcat101, Gunnar Foss, and countless others. However, Mtcat left in late July after he was promoted to admin on the wiki, and settled into his own server that contained many former and current users of the PBW.

    Discord and Admin Reforms

    It wasn't a perfect era but   Melody's time with the Discord server felt satisfied so xe decided to reform the mods, the councilors, and the advisors.   TheGermanicCanadian was set to become the owner after Melody retired.   LumiNyte13,   BlazingBlood (aka Sabrina) and   Icantthinkofanamexd were promoted to wiki moderator.   IntenCity was promoted to admin.   Livony was promoted to a councilor.   Nash was given mod back. TheRealStuff Mapping Official or Aone was also promoted to staff along with   Shadow,   Ivih,   Shiningflair, File:Carlo-icon.png Carlo, Kosovo is Kosovo, RandomNNE, Blue Dolphin/Purple Heart,   RakhineEmpire213 (aka Rakhine or RyukyuanMapper), File:Azzy-icon.png Isabeljolly115 (aka Ranger),   Enjania, and File:SCISLejamie-icon.png Lejamie18. The Discord was truly happy but then a big evil from the discussions would bring the worst chaos of all time. On August 15th, 2021,   Melody retired as the owner of the Polandball Discord Server, considering xer ownership would last for most of 2021, allowing TheGermanicCanadian to become the new owner of the server.

    The Fall of the Wikia and Polandball diaspora to Miraheze

    On 4 August 2021, an incident happened when a user named LogicalGrey from the Polcompball Wiki mocked multiple people, including the maker of the post TrebleClefz. A thread moderator named CinnoFanno blocked and reported the user. As time went on, the staff of the Battle for Dream Island wiki dove deeper and found disturbing and toxic posts of the Polcompball Wiki. This user reported this to Fandom causing Fandom staff to investigate Polcompball and Polandball wikis. Once they realized the issue was more widespread than the original report had stated, they decided to close all Polandball-related wikis. Within minutes of the news telling the staff they were closing the wikis, the discussions erupted in outrage.

    The staff decided to begin archiving and move to Miraheze, disgusted with Fandom's betrayal. The wiki would close on September 7th, 2021 and there was nothing the users could do about it. Meanwhile, other related wikis such as the Countryhumans Wiki, Companyball Wiki, Fanon Wiki, Polandrice, Ideologyballs, and the Polandarrow Wiki would close without a warning. It was the end of a glorious time, 11 years of work all burnt to the ground. The staff are making sure the import goes successfully. If it works, we may fully recover and the wiki would look good as new.

    The Coup

    Game2Winter initially requested the Miraheze wiki, a complete stranger to the community. He started to promote users to Bureaucrat and Admin, however, most of them weren't admins of the original Polandball Wiki. Game2Winter initially tried to convince the community that he wanted to help them migrate and even gave   Collisions and   Melody bureaucrat.

    Once the community had settled to move to Miraheze, Game2Winter suddenly asked when he would be given the "Wiki Owner" role on the Discord server. Everyone was baffled at first but he soon made it clear that he wanted to be declared the owner of the wiki. Game2Winter claimed that as the founder of the wiki, he had special rights on the wiki and could not be removed, making him the owner of the wiki. To ensure that no rogue bureaucrat demotes all the other bureaucrats and takes over a wiki, Miraheze prohibits demoting other bureaucrats meaning that to request Game2Winter demoted, Miraheze Stewards would need to get involved.

    The staff enlisted the help of   Agent Isai, a wiki creator on Miraheze Meta who approved this wiki's request, to contact the Stewards as he was familiar with how the process worked and had come down from Miraheze Meta to help with the migration. After the request was made with the Stewards,   Agent Isai concocted a plan to circumvent the restriction in ManageWiki which prohibited bureaucrats from demoting others. He was promoted bureaucrat by   Collisions and swiftly demoted Game2Winter, thus ending his reign.

    Game2Winter went on the Stewards' noticeboard to accuse the bureaucrats of taking over but was ultimately unsuccessful and was subsequently banned for attempted takeover. It was revealed during all this that he had previously attempted to stage a similar style takeover on at least 2 other wikis. During his short reign, Game2Winter appointed various new bureaucrats and admins, most of them were demoted once he was banned.

    Melody returns to co-ownership

    On 2021 August 27-28, there were multiple heated arguments between various users in the chat, which escalated to the point where the former owner   Melody was called back. Order was soon resumed and she settled into co-ownership with   User:TheGermanicCanadian, with Tgc having full permissions over the server. Over the next several months from September to February 2022, changes to moderation were made. Carlo, Rakhine, Aone, and Livony were demoted from councilor, Enjania stepped down from moderator,   NotFunnyChan69 was promoted to councilor but then stepped down several weeks later, Blue Dolphin/Purple Heart was demoted, Nash resigned as a head mod and left the server, Ivih and RandomNNE were promoted to admin, and Shiningflair promoted to head moderator.

    Early Miraheze Era

    Conflicts with other servers

    In October 2021, after the notable and longtime user   TheRobloxianGuy was banned permanently for undisclosed reasons, it caused an incident on Mtcat101's server where many users, angry at Trg's ban, attacked PBW staff personally using very offensive remarks, especially towards Melody, on Mtcat's server. It lasted for several days and eventually calmed down, however it permanently severed friendships for some users and caused a slow breakaway for some other notable users from the PBW over disagreeing with the moderation on the PBWDS. Mtcat's server became a place to criticize and insult the PBW and PWBDS staff, and the conflict reached a boiling point in February 2022 when Melody declared Mtcat's server to be an anti-staff server and quickly cracked down on it, severing any and all relations the two servers may have once had.

    Ballmedia and Abandonment

    Main article: History of Ballmedia

    In February, an incident occurred in the Polcompball Forums server where users were found to continuously insult and make malicious remarks towards PBW users and staff members. This came to a boiling point where several users attempted a quickly planned raid on the PBWDS, however, they were quickly stopped when their plans were discovered by the PBWDS staff. Discussion between the two staff teams was made and the conflict ended.

    Second August Crisis: The Server Schism

    On 2022 August 9, co-owners   Melody and   TheGermanicCanadian had an argument and eventually a falling out with each other. Melody wanted full ownership of the Polandball Wiki Discord Server, but TheGermanicCanadian (Tgc) refused to transfer ownership to her. This caused Melody to leave the server, and with the backing of all the staff, most importantly   Collisions and   Agent Isai, decided to create a new official PBW server where she could be the owner of both the server and the wiki. The server was created on 10 August, all the staff was invited to prepare for its publication on 20 August, in which then, the old server would be shut down and archived, and all members would join the new one.

    However, on 13 August,   TheGermanicCanadian transferred ownership to   Shiningflair, deleted his Discord account, and left the wiki. He did not notify any of the staff, not even Shiningflair herself, of this occurrence. It was not until 16 August that she found out about his account deletion and her server ownership after contacting Tgc via Twitter.   Shiningflair came back to the server and Shiningflair transferred ownership to   Melody almost three hours later, the schism ended and the server stayed unified.

    The db141 Disaster

    In mid-November 2022, the disc db141 broke. This caused a small number of wikis that were hosted on db141, including the Polandball Wiki, to become unavailable to view and edit. The PBW was eventually recreated on a new disk at the beginning of December, but as a result of db141 breaking, the PBW experienced an enormous data loss. Since there was no recent backup of the PBW made, the data recovery drives were only able to backup data from the drives from September 2021- the last backup of the PBW that existed. This caused many important edits to be undone, many userpages and images were lost, deleted pages were restored, and a year's worth of edits were all lost. In the following weeks, as users worked hard to recreate all the edits, the PBW went down again for maintenance in mid-December. During maintenance, Miraheze was able to recover the data on the corrupted drives, including the drives that contained the original db141. Due to some additional issues, maintenance was extended, and the original db141 wikis were restored, with new edits that were made on the recreated wikis merged back into the original wikis. Finally, on 30 December, the Polandball Wiki was brought back and all the original edits were restored. There were some minor issues due to the data loss and subsequent edit merge, but everything was generally made okay again.

    Agentian Era

    Note: This era of the Polandball Wiki is intertwined with the histories of Miraheze and Polcompball, as you can't mention the second return of Kymi without Polcompball and you can't mention the Agentian Crisis without mentioning some context from Miraheze dramas.

    Transfer of Ownership

    On January 23, 2023,   Melody transferred ownership to   Agent Isai, one of the stewards of Miraheze.   Collisions later transfered his ownership to   Agent Isai some minutes later, starting a new era for the Polandball Wiki.

    Miraheze Worries


    During June 2023, Miraheze announced it was closing, so Polandball Wiki moved from Miraheze to WikiTide. The pages were imported, but nearly all of the newer files, including the comics and the icons like  , were lost. Miraheze ended up not closing, but many Miraheze wikis including Polandball Wiki had already moved. As of August 2023, the wiki was back to normal.

    New Promotions

    The Agentian Era saw large changes within the administration of the Polandball Wiki,   Shiningflair was promoted to bureaucrat, and   hurstbergn was promoted to administrator.   Icantthinkofanamexd and   Grim kim were re-appointed as rollbackers.

    Longtime moderator   Byz-Venetikos was banned in August 2021 for undisclosed reasons.

    Divided Polcompball and Kymian Intervention

    Slow Decline of the Second Server

    Remerging and Agentian Crisis

    Following the merging of WikiTide and Miraheze into the WikiTide Foundation, a re-migration back onto Miraheze servers took place. This migration faced less issues then the original migration.

    On April 25, 2024, following major drama on Miraheze Meta regarding a possible rebranding of Miraheze to WikiTide,   Agent Isai resigned as a steward and had his accounts locked. He also deactivated his Discord account without notice and transfered ownership to his alt. The sudden disappearance of Agent triggered a massive power vacuum, throughout Polandball, Miraheze, other-ball related wikis, and communities that Agent was in. Thus, it was much more serious than August 2022.

    Because of radio silence, the ownership of the discord server was left in limbo. Initial attempts of re-establishing contact with Agent were met with no response, leading to the staff assuming that Agent's break would be much longer than anticipated.   Shiningflair became the acting wiki owner immediately, who was inactive at that time. Kymi was contacted, and a backup server was set up to plan the transfer of ownership from Agent's alt to Kymi.   Shiningflair returned after 1 week and gave Kymi bureaucrat.

    Wikis and groups that had Agent were forced to adapt to the sudden departure, and users essentially usurped Agent's previous positions. In the days after Agent's absence, there was an attempt to usurp Ballmedia. Some banned users and groups, who were in affilation with a splinter group of Polcompball, tried to take Ballmedia for themselves. In the end, Kymi foiled the takeover, forced banned users to depart the group, and made an agreement with the subreddit to achieve mutual endorsement.

    On May 21, after 26 days,   Agent reactivated his Discord and temporarily returned to ownership of the Discord server. However, by that time, he had a significantly lesser influence due to his demotions in other communities. Once he answered a few questions related to his burnout, he disappeared again after Kymi requested ownership. One week later, the staff would vote to migrate to a new server.

    New Beginnings (Post-Agentian Era)

    New Discord Server

    On June 9, 2024, a new Discord server opened for users, as Agent still held ownership of the old server. This would change on June 12, when Agent’s alternate account transferred full ownership to   Shiningflair, marking the end of any involvement Agent Isai has in the community. Agent's account left the old server on June 14, and his account was deleted after two weeks.

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