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    Polandball Wiki

    The rules for this Wiki are as follows, please read them carefully:

    Essential Rules

    1. Essential Rules override every other category. Bear this in mind.
    2. Follow Miraheze's Terms of Service and Code of Conduct. Do not encourage others to break Miraheze's Terms of Service or Code of Conduct either. Punishment: 3 day block for every offense unless superseded by a global lock
    3. This cannot be stressed enough. You WILL be banned from this Wiki for broadcasting unwanted personal information of other users (doxxing) Punishment: 2 weeks ~ infinite, cases forwarded to Trust & Safety and possible global lock
    4. Do not insult or bait other members of the community. Punishment: 3 days
      1. Do not insult or bait Miraheze Stewards or volunteers: 1 week block, possible global lock
      2. Do not make fun of a user's depression/mental health: 1 week block
    5. If you vandalize, raid or retaliate against another wiki, we will ask Stewards to intervene and to take action on the matter. Punishment: Possible global lock
      1. Do not declare "war" or start a "coup" against the Polandball Wiki. If you are unhappy with how the wiki is run, please say what you don't like about it and the staff will try to fix it. Punishment: 1 month block
    6. Discriminatory speech, especially discriminatory slurs are banned. This includes Anti-LGBT, religious hate, ethnic hate, racism, and many other forms of prejudice against a protected/minority group. Punishment: Warning, 3 day block, possible global lock
      1. Genocide denial is a special exception because of its association with ultra-nationalism and the audacity of the action. Punishment: 1 week block for first offense, permanent block for repeated offense (denying the same genocide)
    7. You must be 13 years or older to be on this wiki. Punishment (if under 13): Banned off Miraheze and Polandball Wiki until 13th birthday
      1. Side note, the ban may last for a bit while you are 13 if the latter is the case, since administrators may not know when you will turn 13.
      2. Pressuring a user to reveal their age when they declined to do so is prohibited - Punishment: 3 days
    8. DO NOT MINI-MOD. This means acting like an administrator or moderator even though you aren't one. If a person isn't behaving, tell the administrators who will resolve the issue, you don't need to type in all caps at them. Punishment: Warning
    9. Do not send false reports. The administrators at Polandball Wiki volunteer their time to help moderate the wiki and you wasting their time is not helping anyone. Attempting to report a Polandball Wiki administrator to the Counter Vandalism Team, including Stewards, because you are butthurt about being banned also counts. Punishment: 1 month per false report.
    10. Treat all users with respect. If your actions, despite not breaking any previously mentioned rules, are deemed unacceptable by administrators (e.g. sarcasm, satire), you may be punished. Punishment: Warning
      1. Immaturity is an extension of this rule. If enough of your actions have been reported as immature, administrators may vote on whether to punish you on it or not. Punishment: 6 months
    11. If a user on the Discord server has been clearly established as the same user on the wiki and has been blocked or otherwise sanctioned, the punishment from the Discord will apply to the wiki.
    12. Those with global rights may use their rights if needed without having local rights if they have a good reason to (i.e. SRE to delete anything which causes performance issues, Stewards and Global Sysops to do clerical tasks, etc.) or if a bureaucrat requests they do.

    Rules about other wikis

    1. Do not raid other wikis on behalf of the Polandball Wiki. Punishment: 1 month block (first offense) or permanent block (second offense), if administrators find out about the raid via discovery or complaint by another wiki; possible global lock
    2. Do not spread drama from other wikis to the Polandball Wiki, and vice versa Punishment: 2 week block
    3. While you can make your own wikis, please keep them as distinct from the Polandball Wiki as possible, as meta wikis (i.e. wiki about Polandball Wiki users) are prohibited (by us and by WikiTide's Content Policy). Punishment: Founder gets permanently banned until wiki is deleted by Stewards.

    Uploading and creating images rules

    Polandball Wiki's Drawing Tutorial
    1. All images uploaded to the wiki or to Ballmedia Commons should be images that directly relate to the scope of the wiki (i.e. images of countryballs, etc.). An exception to this rule are images that are uploaded for social purposes like using them on the Forums. All other images will be deleted on sight. Punishment: Deletion, then warning. 2 week ban if severe enough.
    2. When uploading an image of a countryball, make sure the countryball doesn't use circle-tool, line-tool, curve tool, and copy-paste. The exception to this is if it is your Wiki avatar, although it is discouraged. Punishment: Deletion, then warning
      1. Brush tool has been a topic of controversy due to the rise of smartphone artists and photoshop users. We'll mostly allow it unless the image is too hideous to be associated with Polandball.
    3. If you upload an image, comic, or artwork that was made by another user (WikiTide, Reddit, etc.) other than yourself, please give credit to that user in the image's description. Punishment: Warning, Possible block for repeated offenses
    4. You can use any painting program that has the ability to draw countryballs and not just MS Paint (Paint.NET, Photoshop, GIMP, Clip Studio Paint, Procreate, etc.).

    Page-making rules

    Further Reading: Polandball_Wiki:Rules/Pages

      1. Fictional countryballs and entities (cityballs, organizationballs, regionballs, etc.) you made up. Punishment: Deletion and Warning
      2. Something that isn't/wasn't a political entity (country, city, state, etc.). Punishment: Deletion and Warning
      3. Anything non-Polandball related (companies, games, movies, etc.). Punishment: Deletion and Warning
      4. Planned and hypothetical countryballs. Punishment: Deletion and Warning
      5. Uninhabited and unnamed entities. Punishment: Deletion and Warning
      6. Islands and mountains. Punishment: Deletion and Warning
      7. Countyballs (second-degree subdivisions in a country's states, provinces, administrative regions, etc). The countyball category is ONLY for counties of the Holy Roman Empire. For example, Kentuckyball, a first-degree subdivision in the USA is allowed, but the counties, second-degree subdivisions that divide Kentuckyball, are not allowed. This applies to every other country as well. Punishment: Deletion and Warning
      8. Religions, Militaries (including rebel groups, paramilitary groups, movements), terrorist organizations, political parties, ideologies, unnamed planets, moons, stars, galaxies. Punishment: Deletion and Warning
      9. Underpopulated entities. See Poject Gentrification for population rules. Punishment: Deletion and Warning
      10. Something that was recently deleted. Punishment: 1 week per previously deleted page
        1. If you believe that you have a good enough reason to remake a page, contact an admin first to get permission.

    Editing rules

    1. Vandalizing is not allowed in any way or form. Punishment: 3 days ~ 6 months
    2. Edit warring on any pages is not allowed. Punishment: 1 day ~ 1 month
      1. Actively changing gender of countryballs is a form of vandalism/edit warring, albeit a milder one.
    3. Do not add spam/duplicate categories. Punishment: Warning
    4. Changing the infobox image of a countryball that already has an infobox image is only allowed with approval from a moderator. Punishment: Warning
    5. Do not add a family section on a countryball page. There's already the relations section. Punishment: Warning
    6. Adding genders to pages is not allowed. All pages should be gender neutral. If you see a page with genders, feel free to remove them or notify a wiki staff to remove it. If a user continues adding them notify a wiki staff immediately for them to take immediate action. Punishment: Warning (first offense), Indefinite ban (repeated offenses)
    7. Do not make pages that have previously been deleted without admin permission. The wiki is undergoing projects to cut back pages, there will be no mercy for this rule. Punishment: One week per page.

    Further Reading: Polandball_Wiki:Rules/Categories

    1. If a page needs to be cleaned up, please add the "Cleanup" category.
    2. If a page has propaganda, misspelling or just has horrible formating, please add the {{Sanitation}} template.
    3. If a page contents that will change (e.g.: ISISball, USAball) make sure to add {{Recent}}
    4. If a page needs to be deleted please add the {{Delete}} template but please don't remove the contents of the page, the admins need to check what the page was about before deleting it.
    5. If a page has 5 or more templates, it is OK to have the combination template, so the templates of that page are all in one single expandable template. If a page has 4 or less templates, the page's templates are separate from each other and the combination template is not allowed.

    Userpage Rules

    1. Having users as enemies listed is not allowed. Punishment: Warning, then manual deletion and 1 day block

    Blogpost Rules

    1. Making nonsense blogs/clogposting is not allowed. Punishment: Deletion of blog as a warning

    Discussion Rules

    1. Do not start or engage in drama. Punishment: Warning, possible block to biggest culprit
    2. Pointless bickering is banned, especially political. Seriously, you're on a political satire wiki, grow up. Punishment: Warning, deletion, and then 1 day block
    3. Low-quality posts will be deleted, and if done excessively, you may receive a block under lines of immaturity.
    4. Poorly drawn art will be deleted due to being an eyesore, but we'll redirect you to our Discord Server where you can improve.
    5. Do not necropost (revive inactive threads) if they haven't been active for a week. Punishment: Warning to 6 hour block

    Punishment Rules

    1. Punishments listed are of first offenses. All punishments, aside from remaking deleted pages and immaturity, are malleable. For every offense after the first, the punishment is upgraded to the next default provided. Additionally, it may be altered or even elevated according to severity and previous contributions to the wiki.
    2. If said users are extremely suspicious (having little to no normal edits but a lot of rule breaking ones), the initial ban time may be elevated to the next tier or the tier after that.
    3. Do not make alts to surpass bans. Punishment: Permanently Banned (the Alt), banned for a longer time the original account)

    Adding [[Category:Policy]] to any policy pages will add them to the policy category. This is found here.

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