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    Polandball Wiki:Rules/Categories

    NOTE: This page is constantly being updated, expect some changes.

    To all users, especially newer ones, there are many categories on the wiki but this doesn't mean you should add more, read the guide below please to understand what to add and what not to add.


    "Xball" (the b in ball should not be capitalized)

    Replace X with an independent modern country, it should be added on pages of its provinces, cities and former entities. DO NOT use just "X".

    • Correct: USAball
    • Incorrect: USA; USABall; Americaball


    "X Speaking Countryball"

    Replace X with a language, it should be added to Countryballs that speak this language.

    • Correct: English Speaking Countryball; Chinese Speaking Countryball; Spanish Speaking Countryball
    • Incorrect: English speaking countryball; English Speaking Countryballs; Chinese language; Chinese Speaking


    • Correct: Christian; Muslim
    • Incorrect: Christianity; Islam; Christian countryballs


    This one is pretty obvious

    • Correct: Africa; West Africa; Europe
    • Incorrect: African; West African countryball, European, asian


    "Cityballs of Xball" Add this category on cities of that country only. Do not add this to towns or villages.

    • Correct: Cityballs of Serbiaball
    • Incorrect: Serbian Cityballs; Serbian cities


    • Correct: UNball; EUball
    • Incorrect: Unball; United Nationsball; EuBall




    • Correct: Historical Countryballs
    • Incorrect: Historical Countryball; Historical; Former country; ex Soviet; Dead Countryball

    Category tips and where to put them[edit]


    • only to be put on pages that really needs it (i.e. pages with no infobox, incomplete details, no descriptions, etc.)
    • Not to be put on short but complete pages


    • Only to be put on pages that really needs fixing (i.e. messy pages, wikicopied information, too many bias, too many unnecessary information, etc.)


    • Only to be put on countryballs that lasted 3 years or less
    • Countryballs that lasted 4 years or more are no longer considered short lived so the category Historical Countryballs suffices

    Ancient Countryballs

    • Only to be put on countryballs that lasted 1 BC and earlier
    • Countryballs that lasted starting from 1 AD and beyond are no longer considered ancient so the category Historical Countryballs suffices.

    Color categories

    • Add only 1 category type on a page
    • Add the correct color type
    • For example on Franceball, add only the category Red Blue White and not Red, Blue, Blue Red White, White Blue Red.


    • DO NOT add misspelled categories
    • DO NOT add categories that will only be on one page
    • DO NOT add gibberish categories
    • DO NOT add small lettered categories
    • DO NOT add random categories to pages
    • DO NOT add deleted categories
    • DO NOT add new categories (unless consulted with a wiki staff)

    ---For any questions, feel free to ask IntenCity999 or any other wiki staff---

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    Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.