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    Polandball Wiki

    Moderators are knowledgeable and trusted editors who assist administrators in moderating the wiki. They have the ability to delete pages, view reports, along with a few other abilities to assist administrators in managing the wiki.


    Moderators assist administrators in making sure the wiki runs well and they have the following abilities:

    • Delete and undelete pages
    • Handle reports sent via Special:Report
    • Rollback edits
    • Mark edits as patrolled
    • Move pages and suppress redirects

    Notably, moderators do not have the ability to block users. More complex situations should be left to administrators to handle, including blocks. Moderator is a chiefly countervandalism position.

    Moderators should not intervene in editorial disputes or use their powers to enforce their views. They can, however, issue warnings about disruptive behavior and ask users to cease disruptive behavior or be subject to a block by an administrator. Moderator's warnings carry the same weight as an administrator's.

    Appointment and revocation


    Bureaucrats may, at their discretion, appoint moderators to the role. The community may also elect moderators to the role if they wish. To do so, a nomination may be made at Polandball Wiki:Requests for permissions. The nominee must have at least 500+ edits and a minimum account age of 6 months. A nomination is successful if at least 5 votes have been cast and the support ratio is of 75%. All moderators, appointed or elected, must be on the Polandball Wiki Discord server to ensure proper communication.


    Bureaucrats may demote moderators at their discretion though they must provide a good reason. Moderators may also be revoked by the community following a successful revocation. For a revocation to be successful, a vote must have at least 5 votes and a support ratio of 50%. The user must be notified and the vote must be held open for at least 1 week.


    If a moderator is inactive for more than 3 months, they may have their rights removed for inactivity.

    List of moderators

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