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    Polandball been featured in many video games. This list showcases many of them.


    Polandball: Not Safe for World


    Main Article: Polandball: Not Safe For World

    Polandball: Not Safe for World is a mobile game built for Android and iOS. The player plays as Poland, but has the option to unlock and change countries throughout the game. With the help of America, the player must save the world from a host of problems, some of which include terrorists, rioters, zombies, and aliens. The gameplay is simple, you roll a globe to find the problematic countryballs, then have the option of 3 different methods to deal with it. There are 17 different methods in the game, and the player has to choose 3 before each game. The gameplay continues until the global happiness or population drops too low. There is also an emu war mode, where the player has to protect farmland by killing emus and destroying their nests, and a US wall mode, where the player has to fend off waves of migrants trying to enter the US.


    • There are many unlockables like music, clips, modes. etc.
    • The game is the only polandball game made on Unity.
    • Due to censorship the terrorists, rioters and suicide bombers have been removed.However can be accessed by unlocking developer mode.

    Currently the game has not received any updates since February 2019.

    Polandball: Can Into Space!

    A game for iOS, Android, and Steam. You play as Polandball on his quest to make it in space, while flying Poland must avoid enemies and collect coins and fuel to help him along in his journey he as he slowly upgrades his spaceship.However,It is unavablie for download on iOS as it was removed from the App Store and can't be played on newer versions of Android.


    A cute Polandball based .IO indie game. It is a 2D multiplayer shooter, playable in every browser. On maps with up to 8 players where you have to fight to death and defend your team! The game has many weapons, maps and game modes! You can play as any country and even territories"

    The game has an active community over in the kugeln.io wiki!


    • There are two Poland skins, one incorrectly and the other correctly (with real Polish flag). The wrong skin is called "Polandball", but the correct one is simply called "Ball".
    • Erroneously portraited are Poland (proper-sided), Tringapore and Bermudatriangle (a ball instead of a triangle), Kazakhstan (a cube instead of a brick) and Greenlandball (has the same flag that wrong-sided Polandball in the game, the real flag is not exactly the same).
    • On the desert map, a plane can appear and it launches bombs that can kill you. Also it has a peace symbol on a side. However, it also can be destroyed. Doing so will get you a badge. Also, in the same map was added the rocket, that allows you flying for a minute, POLAND CAN INTO SPACE IN KUGELN.IO!!!
    • Some skins' flags (like Sri Lankaball one) are incorrect or weird.
    • NepalRawr skin has weird eyes.
    • The most popular Kugeln.io YouTube channel is ZheCarltonSerbice (previously Bay Rondam) with 1.31K subscribers as of 31/12/2020
    • The most popular Kugeln.io video on YouTube is "GODENOT VS INSCRITOS - Kugeln.io" by the creator Godenot
    • The official Kugeln.io YouTube channel has 1.03K subscribers

    Dictators: No Peace Countryballs

    Dictators No Peace

    Goal of the game is to colonize the world. Become the dictator from any of the 160 countries. It's a simulation game. A world map is given to you. Available on Android, iOS and Steam.


    • A lot of countryballs in game are in their incorrect forms.
    • Some countries are missing in-game.
    • There is a region missing in game.

    Countryball: Catch 'em all!

    Gameplay preview of Countryball: Catch 'em All

    "Countryball: Catch 'em All!" is a ROM-Hack of Pokémon FireRed and a growing project managed by members of the /int/ and /vp/ boards from 4chan!

    Set in the region of Terra, the player will set out on a quest to defeat the eight Flagmasters of the region and advance to the Flag League! But be wary, a regime of the past grows stronger every day...

    More info on the Official Website!

    CountryBall Heroes

    CountryBalls Heroes is a game where you get to play as your favourite Countryball. Become a legend by leading massive armies.
    The fate of the world, vodka, mems, is at stake and only you are able to stand up against big evil. By all costs, supplies of vodka have to be secured.
    Dominate your opponents in the intensive turn-based strategy game.
    Assemble your army, build overwhelming cities, raise and upgrade your heroes, gather powerful artifacts, and prove that your Countryball is the most powerful among the others.

    Countryballs: Odyssey

    Countryballs: Odyssey is a 2D platformer, where you must travel the world separated through 190 unique levels.



    Warballs is a sandbox fighting game, where you can create and playout different battle scenarios, much in the same vein as a totally accurate battle simulator


    Countryballs - Tower Defense

    A tower defense game where you use a whole host of countryball to try and defend your home clay from enemy missiles! Gameplay

    Countryball: Europe 1890

    Countryball: Europe 1890 is a strategy game where you play as several European countryballs around the year 1890. Unlike your average strategy game, the game also has several minigames you can play. You can also get countryballs by finding them in several regions you can enter.

    Link (Steam)


    • The countryballs' flags are taken from Google Images instead of being hand drawn.

    Countryballs at War

    Countryballs at War is a Grand Strategy Game with turn mechanics and real-time combats involved. Your aim is to make your country a world superpower by building strong armies, controlling tax rates, increasing the happiness of your people, and upgrading your country.

    Link (Google Play Store)


    • The countryballs' flags are taken from Google Images instead of being hand drawn.
    • It is the second countryballs game created by Shn Games.
    • Unlike its predecessor uses a different combat system along with have territory management and has both attack turns and diplomacy turns and uses a world map instead of just being Europe and surrounding areas along with using a new sound track.

    Bang-On Balls: Chronicles

    Bang-On Balls: Chronicles is a platform game where you play as a British man to defend the land from vikings like Denmarkball and Swedenball.

    Link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1227650/BangOn_Balls_Chronicles/


    • The game itself has Poland's flag forgot to be upside down.

    Unfinished games

    AlexanderBall: A Countryball Tale

    File:Steam Banner 1.6.jpg
    AlexanderBall is coming soon!

    Play as Alexander the Ball, famous king of MacedonBalls in a historical turn-based grand strategy game. Build an army of ancient balls and conquer all clays in the known world! The game is slated to come out in Early Access in 2022 - link!

    Countryballs: Modern Ballfare

    Countryballs: Modern Ballfare is a third-person online-multiplayer shooter just like Player Unknown's Battlegrounds and Fortnite. You can play as several countryballs, and use a (although small but good) range of weapons to fight other players, like a bread as a melee weapon.

    Game link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1147130/Countryballs_Modern_Ballfare/?utm_source=Discord&utm_campaign=BotUpdate&utm_medium=Web&utm_content=CountryballsNet

    Countryball: World 1930

    Countryball: World 1930 is a strategy game in the same vain just like other Courtyball games created by Shin games, and just like the game that came before it uses a world map instead of just being a map of Europe and surrounding areas along with the territory management and different turn systems however it does return to the same combat system of the first game, uses the same sound track, along with returning the mini games as well as updating and adding on to the features from the previous games and it adds new features too.

    Deleted Games

    Countryballs: The Game

    Countryballs: The Game was an endless runner for Android and iOS, the player plays as Poland, or whomever you decide to play as, as you collect as many coins and clay as possible. Once you have reached a certain threshold you will unlock a new stage, coins can be used to unlock new Countryballs.

    The game has since been deleted from the Google Play Store and App Store.

    Cancelled Games

    SocialBalls MMO

    Current logo of SocialBalls MMO

    Social Balls (Or soon to be called Polandball Online) is a planned Massive multiplayer online game based on the closed Lego universe but its made up with countryballs. In the game you can roleplay, have war, and be social. Your character is randomly chosen which features  Polandball,  Russiaball,  USAball and  UKball. The game was originally slotted for a July 21, 2020 release date, but the game is either cancelled or its release date was delayed. Android link



    Polemon is a Pokémon style game where you travel around the world capturing countryballs. Polemon is currently in pre-alpha stage, so there is no playable window computers. The development is being logged on its GameJolt page

    Polandball World

    Official game art

    A Polandball RPG, where you play as one of many different countryballs on a quest to build a spaceship and launch into space. In 2016, Polandball World was greenlit on the now-defunct Steam Greenlight, reserving the developers a spot on Steam's store, now that people were interested in the project.

    It is assumed that the project was abandoned since there have been no updates since September 21, 2017.

    At some point between 2021 and 2022 the Steam page was removed, marking the project fully dead.

    Steam Greenlight page

    Polandball: Not Safe For World - Goodest Edition

    Polandball: Not Safe For World - Goodest Edition was a planned game that was supposed to be a sequel and more expanded version of Polandball: Not Safe For World. The game was canceled because the Kickstarter project failed to reach its $11,465 goal.
    Kickstarter Project link </tabber>

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