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    For the good version, see Omskball

    Omskbird Red Birb wuewuewuewue... is a city of Russiaball. It is widely known for the high drug trafficking, especially of krokodil. Its bird-like shape is taken from another meme. In Polandball comics, it represents the most evil part of Russiaball and Humanity in general. It is also challenging Novosibirskball for power of Russiaball, making the two worst enemies. Omskbird is responsible for the selling of Krokodil in both Russiaball and Worldwide. Most Omskbird Krokodil shipments are being stopped by USAball and Australiaball but some still leak in through Europe, Asia and even South America.

    It can be drawn as a bird head, of red colour and hidden face.

    Particulary, the Omskbird loves the B-movie They Found Hell since his place was featured in the ending.



    • Reichtangle - My best friend.
    • Russiaball - Gives foods and monies! He's kind of scared of me. Great job in invading Ukraine; keep spreading more murder and massacres there.
    • Democratic Kampucheaball - can into killing fields and massacres!
    • Al-Qaedaball - Also can into kill
    • ISISball - It did mass murderings.
    • Eritreaball - Can into Killing!
    • Sovietball - Grandparent who I respect.
    • Nazi Germanyball - Tried to kill my grandparent but we're still friends. 
    • Slawek - We're friends but I'm Eastern Orthodox still.
    • Talibanball - Friend, I was so sad when they got kicked out of Afghanistan. Oh wait they made a comeback as Elvis Presley did in 1968, YAY!
    • Italian Social Republicball - He is just like me but with Italyball He murders Ethiopians, Greeks and jews! Good job friend. TAKE OUT THAT TRATIOR!!!
    • Illuminatism - F
    • Switzerlandball - Owning a friendly company that steals water from South Asians killing them from dehydration and making choclate out of forced labor against Africians? Impressing, but not cursed enough.
    • Mongol Empireball - Gengis Khan killed over 14 million people.
    • Sentineleseball - Can kill for no apparent reason!!
    • The only true Korea - Keep launching nuke, comrade!


    • Mauritaniaball - Great job torturing and enslaving your people and killing them for no reason. Also love your creepy smile! I´m creepy too! WAIT. ARE YOU TRYINGS TO UNJUSTIFY IT! NOOO!
    • USAball - I hate that you are the main western bloc nation and provide lots of rights, but I like that you exploit certain countries for resources like oil and prevent them from developing. I also like one of your stateballs a lot, because it is a neo-confederate and racist!


    It hates almost everybody who are good, but most importantly:

    • Israelcube - He's really good and I hate him. But since he killing a lot of palestinian and destorying their home for no reason He might be my friend.
    • Philippinesball - Removes drugs!
    • UKball - Invading and oppressing random people across your empire was of cool, but giving it up and even letting some of the oppress slowly flood your country? CRINGE!!!!
    • Franceball - A enemy just for the sake of it. But at least you are an interventionist who sabotages and helps overthrow or kill African figures that don't give in to their demands so satisfying! And hiring puppets that DO GIVE INTO YOUR DEMANDS to prevent their countries from developing is even better!
    • South Koreaball - Fake KOREA! IT IS OF GOOD! DPRK IS BETTER!!
    • Ukraineball - You are friends with them. How dare you fight back against my owner? Let him occupy you!
    • Indonesiaball - The ancestor of Majapahitball which is its evil form, but curse you for illegalizing drugs!
    • Omskball - My good counterpart! REMOVE!
    • Batmanball - That damn superhero!


    Polandball Wiki has a gallery of artwork, comics, GIFs, and videos of Omskbird.

    Click here to see it.


    ru:Омская птица es:Omsk Bird zh:鄂木斯克鸟 pl:Omskbird

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