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    About Me

    👋(•,•) Hey, tooweeteetoo! Welcome to my page, and thanks for coming here, too. I'm Pigeon and Ukraineparus Productions, formerly called Pigeon Project, and I have been long in interest with both birds and nations, especially countryballs, which also brought me up to the idea and a concept of personifying countries as birds, which is called Countrybirds. I have discovered and have heard of countryballs from around 2018, just anything with countryballs as what I mean. Despite my blog, I will still edit, just not very often nowadays. The wiki of Countrybirds may be planned to be started in the near future, very sooner. And don't worry, I will design countries as birds for my concept more! Also, my mom with us will plan to go back to our homeland Ukraine very, very, very, very, very, and very soon!!!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! ZZZTZTSTSSH! SHCHIRRIP! VOO HOO HOO! KOU KOO! KRRIKAKOO! (But maybe actually not, idk, but my grandmother may come back soon to where I live! :D) By the way, the official name of our channel is Pigeon and Ukraineparus Productions, but we are much well known as Pigeon Project as our channel name is set as, though we aren't actually a project exclusively related to pigeons. By the way, my first contribution on editing on this Wiki was UAEball. I even wish to be a "bird musician" in the future! Plus, in honor of Ukraine's independence day on August 24, I am willing to make a Birds Wiki page of a list of birds found in Ukraine!

    Anyways, I'm from Ukraine and Pakistan and so I may be a true Indo-European, but I live in UAE . I also have a slight amount of Russian heritage (coming from my mom's father, considering that my mom was actually born in Russia), yet I do not consider that as the main part of my heritage.

    Note Concerning About my YT Channel

    Actually, I will be revamping my official channel to make it newer, which will have most of one of my older Stick Nodes videos private and will have other of my older bird videos unlisted. This will start the new normal for us and there will be a bit of change in uploading content. It is also the reason why I am not uploading videos on YT anymore. However, I am planning to make a new channel that would be a division of our main channel, and it relates to SongRender birdsong audio visualization.

    About Countrybirds

    Countrybirds in general, are countries personified as birds, in which the idea has been brought up by me, and it's more than just a design project. Soon in the soon future, it will be official in use and it will soon be used in many things which they represent countries as birds.

    Countries I Have Been To

    The countries I have been to are:

    • UAE (And still live here. In addition, I was also born here.)
    • Ukraine (Don't remember when exactly, but when I was much younger, I went there)
    • Pakistan (Also I don't remember when exactly, but I did go there when I was much younger, too)

    What Can You Ask?

    You can ask me mainly to be your friend or any other questions you want to ask.

    My 3 Favorite Polandball Wiki Pages

    Even though I have many favorite pages on Polandball Wiki, I could tell three as what I can think of. They are:




    "Fun" Facts About Me

    • You know what's the most unique thing about me? Actually, I can hear musical connotations in nearly (maybe) every bird vocalization. This also resulted in my mind thinking about music with bird vocalizations in my mind, and it's really a lot of variety. It made my mind very specialized into hearing musical connotations more when I listen deeper into these birdcalls. It even made me hear "bird music" in my mind and in the inside even if there is no sound from the outside. This just feels so imaginative, out of the ordinary, remarkable, mystifying, I have no idea, there are literally many words that could describe this.
    • As of now, I have 3 birds as my pets, still having a zebra finch and 2 canaries.
    • One of the birds I can mimic their sounds accurately are Eurasian collared dove, laughing dove, diamond dove, common cuckoo, owl, black-headed gull, Eurasian hoopoe, and a raven (probably also generic corvid sounds).
    • I have 'talked' to many birds before, including Eurasian collared doves, laughing doves, and house crows.
    • I have met and heard a uniquely-sounding common myna on a beach area before in which it was singing in the shrubs. Some of its notes also sounded akin to that of a nightingale.
    • In fact, I do have an Australian flag shirt, and it is bought because I have been interested in Australia very much for some time. Too bad the flag on the shirt has been ruined by the washing machine.
    • I love sound designing because it makes what we hear very interesting. I even have PaulStretch, too.
    • I really do like Cosmo Sheldrake's music, especially for his Wake Up Calls album, which is one of my favorite music albums ever!!!
    • I would like to claim that the 2 birds I behave like the most are pigeons (or doves) and herons. I am also like a lark, an owl, a stork, a crane, and a crow (or a raven).
    • I also make Minecraft bird skins. However, I don't make them anymore.
    • I also listen to Cosmo Sheldrake's music while editing on this Wiki. (Sometimes, but now rarely)
    • I have found a wild bird egg which might've been dropped from a tree in a park. I was trying to incubate it for ourselves, but it got broken. I don't have it anymore, and it seems sad that I don't have a machine for egg incubation. (T,T)
    • Before I became much more interested in birds, I was into other things, like (non-avian) dinosaurs, other prehistoric creatures, doing Stick Nodes animations, etc.
    • Actually, I realized that my birthday is actually in the same month and day as World Whale Day in 2022! How wonderful is that! This will also be one of the reasons why whales are one of my favorite animals if not counting birds.
    • I had a weird and strange dream that seemed to feel a bit painful. In that dream, I was having spinal problems and during some treatment, I actually shapeshifted into a heron. How unusual, this will never happen in reality, but this seems to be a pure imaginary scene that I never expected to be happening in my sleep dreams. How birds save me in this! This is an example of the thing that you can't spell heron without "hero", and the heron is the hero hiding in my soul in the dream. (^,^)
    • I also had a dream at night relating to Cosmo Sheldrake in which I got to see him in reality and he improvised his song, Pliocene, with me (along with my mom) in some (maybe private) concert, not sure, but I felt happy about this dream cause I got to see Cosmo Sheldrake in the dream and hear his improvisation of Pliocene, but also sad cause it wasn't in reality. Anyways, this is really memorable! I think he also told me about something in the dream. You know I am a big fan of Cosmo Sheldrake...
    • Besides birds, my other 3 favorite animals are whales (and also dolphins), wolves, and pine (or beech) martens.

    More to be added soon on this.


    — Me, when I mimic Eurasian collared dove sounds 🕊️🐦
    Bring back hedgerows,

    Lost in echoes,

    Found in shadows,

    Gone like sparrows.

    Where do roots go?

    What do birds know?

    Why the elbow?

    Who goes there?

    How now?

    — Cosmo Sheldrake, from Cosmo Sheldrake - Hocking

    My Musical Preferences and Interests

    Btw, my favorite music from Cosmo Sheldrake if not counting the music from his Wake Up Calls album is Come Along. Totally also gives an indescribable somber and sinister undertone, which I approve of as a Ukrainian as I even feel the associations with the Cossacks and Eastern Ukraine (Mainly for Zaporizhzhia and Dnipro), much more in the F key (Pitched up 4.50+). I also love his Galápagos Original Series Soundtrack music.

    Btw, about my favorite music, if not counting any of Cosmo Sheldrake's music, Dan Gibson's music from his Songbird Symphony album are my favorite, but if not counting any song relating to birds, then the classical, much listened Pachelbel's Canon in D is my favorite. I have listened to this piece in D and E minor and as I am very used to minor keys more than the major, this is such a mystifying thing. In my taste and interest, I don't always find minor keys depressing (nor even Soviet-like as people somewhat hear Soviet influences in few minor keys); I find it evocative to the thing that I heard many birds actually vocalize in minor keys and also evocative to many things about my country and also for other countries as well, especially the Slavic ones like Croatia, Slovakia, Bosnia, etc. It evokes an imaginative feeling in me. However, this also depends on the music I am listening to, so sometimes, it may not always be the case. I do also like major keys, but minor keys are the ones that bring more indescribable feelings to me.

    Despite not having an instrument to play with, I really like and want to learn more about music theory, especially for major and minor scales, as I do not have a full aspect of playing musical instruments.

    More about it to be added soon.

    How to Draw my Representative Userball


    How to Draw the Userball

    1. Draw a hand-drawn circle
    2. Draw 3 horizontal stripes: Green (top), blue (middle), and yellow (bottom)
    3. Draw a white dove on the middle
    4. Draw a blue Parus major bird (representing Ukraineparus) inside the dove
    5. Draw the eyes
    6. Add shadows (optional)
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