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    New Russia Governorateball, or Novorossiya Governorateball was a governorate of the  Russian Empireball


    In the previously Ottoman and Cossack territories, that existed from 1764 until the 1783 administrative reform. It was created and governed according to the "Plan for the Colonization of New Russia Gubernia" issued by Russiaball  It became the first region in Russia where Catherine the Great allowed foreign Jewballs to settle.

    ((wikipedia part)) Most of its territories belonged to the Zaporizhian Sich as well as the Poltava Regiment and Myrhorod Regiment of the Cossack Hetmanateball. Its establishment was strategically successful and advantageous for Russia, and upon the conclusion of the war it gave a way for it to access the Black Sea and establish an area that became known as New Russia. It was created based on the Military Frontier of the Austrian Empire against the Ottoman Empire and involved many military units from the region that were resettled in Ukraine. The military units included mounted cossacks (or hussars) and mounted pikers (or lancers).

    ((still wikipedia}} In 1796, the governorate was reestablished, but not with the centre in Kremenchug but in Ekaterinoslav, and in 1802 was split into three governorates: the Ekaterinoslav Governorate, the Taurida Governorate, the Nikolayev Governorate (known as the Kherson Governorate)

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