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    New Englandball is a new cityball geographical regionball of USA-icon.png USAball. He's composed of 6 socialist Soviet-icon.png Soviet republicanist states that hate USA-icon.png America and can't appreciate how cool his Donald Trump-icon.png supreme leader was USA-icon.png US states: Connecticut-icon.png Connecticutball, RhodeIsland-icon.png Rhode Islandball, Massachusetts-icon.png Massachusettsball, Vermont-icon.png Vermontball, NewHampshire-icon.png New Hampshireball and Maine-icon.png Maineball. It's one of the most Blue-icon.png Democratic (refering to party not democracy). He says he feels very Ireland-icon.png Irish.


    New Englandball was born as a 3-icon.png 3ball, adopted by British Empireball who gave him the name. He later passed to USAball.

    How to draw

    Drawing New England-icon.png New Englandball is easy unless you don't know how to draw trees .

    1. You colour 3 fourths of the countryball red.
    2. You colour 1 remaining fourth white.
    3. You try to draw a green tree.

    There's also a version in which that white zone has England-icon.png Englandball's flag and in the white quarter of the white quarter the green tree is drawn.



    • Canada-icon.png Canadaball - Good uncle of mine. He's fun to hang around with. I want to stay with him


    • England-icon.png Englandball - Uncle. Hated Hkm for colonzing and taxing us, but since those days we are friendly.
    • Tonga-icon.png Tongaball - He thinks I stole his flag.
    • Lebanon-icon.png Lebanonball - He also thinks I stole his flag but trees will be forever!
    • USA-icon.png USAball - I really hate you sometimes.



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