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    Milanball is the capital cityball of Lombardyball and the economic center of Italyball. It's got a population of 1.2 million in the province, and 8 million in the metropolitan area.


    Milanball was a 2ball, then was founded by Gaulball and adopted by SPQRball, Western Roman Empireball and Ostrogothic Kingdomball till Middle Ages, when he became an independent duchy of HREball/Spanish Empireball. Napoleon Bonaparte made him the capital of his vassal state of Kingdom of Italyball and in the Congress of Vienna he became part of Habsburgball in Lombardy-Venetiaball. During Italian unification he rebelled and became part of Kingdom of Italyball and, later, Italyball. Together with Cortina d'Ampezzoball, Milanball will host the 2026 Winter Olympics.


    Amici (Friends)

    • Veniceball - My coast friend. Ur gondolas are very cool and you are also very sorta romantic. Please stop cursing

    Nemici (Enemies)

    • Turinball - YOU AND YOUR DIRTY FOOTBALL TEAM!! REMOVE JUVENTUS! REMOVE RONALDO! Oh, he just left. HOWEVER, HOW MUCH DO YOU PAY THE REFEREES? MILAN AND INTER WON THIS YEAR! IN YOUR FACE! (but other than that ur fine technologically devepoped bro in the North of Italy)
    • Romeball - STOP SAYING UR THE MOST POPOLOUS CITY IN ITALY! I AM 2.5 MILLION VERSUS 8 MILLION. WHO'S GOT MORE? ME (but you romans are cool especially when you lead an empire...)
    • Naplesball - Ur just a MAFIA THIEF. REMOVE MAFIA! REMOVE CAMORRA! haha Ur football team Is weak.
    • Trabzonball - That anchovy defeated Inter 1-0 in San Siro at 2011. He deserved qualifying to round of 16 but blues didn't defeat CSKA and transfered to Europa League.
    • Genoaball - Flag stealer. Why u steal my flag port boi?
    • Englandball - Another flag stealer Why? Did I do anything wrong to you? But thanks for tourists.
    • Sardiniaball - Yet another flag stealer. At least u changed it a bit...
    • Georgiaball - Seriously? more flag stealers? But u chaanged it too. You changed it by ADDING MY FLAG ANOTHER 4 TIMES? COME ON!!!

    How to draw

    Draw Milanball is simple

    1. Draw the basic circle shape
    2. Draw a red + cross
    3. Draw the eyes and you've finished.


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