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    The Japanese invasions of Korea were a brief series of 2 invasion attempts on Joseonball by Toyotomi Japanball. In 1592, the Toyotomi clan of Japan invaded Korea, intending to conquer the Korean Peninsula and Mingball. After an armistice, a second attempt was launched, and Toyotomiball advanced quickly, capturing large swaths of territory before being halted near Pyongyangball. After a stalemate, Toyotomiball withdrew and Joseonball won the war with Mingball's help but was heavily damaged by the invasion attempts.


    Toyotomi Japanball and all his ancestors/successors always wanted to anschluss Korean peninsula. In 1592, Toyotomi Japanball invaded Joseonball.

    Starting from Busanball, the Japanese captured the Korean capital, Seoulball in just one month. And within a few month, conquered more than half of the Korean peninsula.

    However, the tide will change soon. Because the brave Korean navy under Admiral Yi Soon Shin defeated the Japanese Navy, with their newly made Turtle Ships, they destroyed the Japanese navy and cutting their supply line. With these Korean naval victories, the Japanese couldn't advance further into Korean clay. Since victory was impossible, the Japanese started negotiations in 1593.

    But, negotiations broke down in 1597 and the Japanese invaded again. Destroying the Korean navy (since Admiral Yi was in prison due to accusations, the fleet was under the leadership of Won Gyun) at the Battle of Chilchyeon lyang and started to enter Korean territory. Still, the Japanese were stuck again due to the Japanese defeat at Myeong Nyang, where 12 Korean vessels (under Yi who was released) destroyed 333 Japanese ships. The war raged on until 1598 when Toyotomi Hideyoshi died. The war ended with the Battle of Noryang and the death of Yi during the battle.

    The war was lost by Toyotomi Japanball and there weren't territorial changes.

    ⚔ War, war never changes... ⚔
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