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    The Iran-Iraq war was a war between Iraq and Iran.

    Major Battles

    • Operation Nasr (1981) - Three Iranian Armored Divisions attacked Iraqi positions. After four days of battle in a sea of mud, Iranian forces withdrew and the Iraqis held their positions. (Iraqi Victory)
    • Al Faw Peninsula Landings (1986) - Iranian forces launched an amphibious invasion of the Al Faw Peninsula, surprising Iraqi Forces. Iraqi forces were defeated, and withdrew from the peninsula. This is considered a turning point in the war. (Iranian Victory)
    • Operation Karbala-4 (1986) - Iranian forces attacked Iraqi defensive positions on Fish Lake, and the first wave was cut down by the Iraqi defenders. The second wave was launched the next morning, and the fighting lasted another 2 days before Iranian forces retreated. (Iraqi Victory)
    • Siege of Basra (1987) - Iranian forces attack Basra during Operation Karbala-5, and take areas north and south of Basra, as well as Basra. The Iraqis immediately counterattacked. After back and forth clashes for 48 days, Iraqi forces gave up and the line solidified, as well as Iranian forces losing ground around Basra to Iraqi forces. (Stalemate)
    • Tawakalna ala Allah Operations (1988) - Iraqi forces attacked the Al Faw Peninsula in a series of attacks, and were driving the Iranians out. Finally 1 month later, the last Iranian forces were captured and the Al Faw Peninsula was finally back in Iraqi control. (Iraqi Victory)

    Some important things to know.

    • USAball actually supported both Iraq and Iran during the war, although they favored Iraq more.
    • Opposite sides of the Cold war supported both nations in the war.
    • The Iran-Iraq war is sometimes also known as the Iraq-Iran war.
    • The war was very similar to WW1, both sides used gas and fought in trenches.


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