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    Foball was a short-lived regime established by Buddhist monk Gao Tansheng (高曇晟) in Northern Chinaball during the collapse of Suiball. Foball was backstabbed by fellow Suiball rebel Gao Kaidao (高開道) just three months after it was formed.



    Despite Suiball's achievements, its populace grew increasingly restless day by day as Suiball continued to conscript more men into perilous wars against Goguryeoball. Agrarian revolts became so organised and frequent enough, that, by 614, Suiball's forces could not reliably defeat them.[2]

    Before rebelling against Suiball, Gao Tansheng was a Buddhist monk native to Huairongball.


    While attending a fasting event in Huairongball, Gao Tansheng incited a popular uprising, killing the local officials hosting the event.[3] After seizing control over Huairong, Gao established Foball and installed himself as the Mahayana Emperor.[4]


    Shortly after, Gao Tansheng began corresponding with another local rebel leader, Gao Kaidao, who ostentatiously submitted to him. After submitting to Foball, Gao Kaidao was ennobled as the Prince of Qiball. The Prince of Qi's submission was short-lived, as in three months, he rebelled against Foball and executed Gao Tansheng, ending the Buddhist regime.[5]



    How To Draw

    Foball has a drawing rating of easy.

    Drawing Foball is very simple.

    1. Draw a black outline of a circle.
    2. Fill it Yellow.
    3. Draw a second white circle inside of the first.
    4. Add the Chinese characters for Fo (佛) inside of the white portion.
    5. Add two slant eyes and you've finished.
    6. Optional: Draw appropriate hatwear.



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