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    Before the war[edit | edit source]

    Provincia Cisplatina-icon.png Cisplatinaball wanted to reunite with the Argentina (1818)-icon.png United Provinces, the Argentina (1818)-icon.png United Provinces didn't liked the idea because the orientals were federals, but at the end it decided to help the province.

    The war[edit | edit source]

    The Argentina (1818)-icon.png United Provinces took advantage of Brazilian Empire-icon.png Brazil's instability to attack, these two had a very close fight and a lot of the battles ended up being inconclusive.

    On the land battles, the Argentina (1818)-icon.png United Provinces won all the main battles (Battle of Sarandí and Battle of Ituzaingó). Argentina (1818)-icon.png Argentina was able to advance a lot through Provincia Cisplatina-icon.png Cisplatina, not giving opportunity to the Brazilian Empire-icon.png Empire of regaining terrain. But there were a lot of inconclusive battles and never invaded the capital.

    On the sea battles the Argentina (1818)-icon.png United Provinces and the Brazilian Empire-icon.png Brazilian Empire won one of the two main battles, Argentina (1818)-icon.png Argie won the Battle of Juncal, while Brazilian Empire-icon.png Brazil won the Battle of Monte Santiago. And most of the rest of the battles were inconclusive. Despite the close fights the argentine navy was small and ended up in a bad state after the war.

    UK-icon.png UKball forced asked for a negociation, and both accepted. The Argentina (1818)-icon.png United Provinces gained some land on Misiones and Provincia Cisplatina-icon.png Cisplatinaball became Oriental State of Uruguay-icon.png Uruguayball against it's own will.

    Fun fact: during the Battle of Ituzaingó Argentina (1818)-icon.png Argentina theft a marching song about the battle that Brazilian Empire-icon.png Brazil was making in case of winning the fight. Argentina-icon.png Argentina won and made the march one of its presidential emblems and mocks Brazil-icon.png Brazil even to this day by playing the march.

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