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    Cai Tangball, officially Great Tangball, or simply Tangball was a short-lived empire proclaimed in 1565 by White Lotus rebel leader Cai Boguan (蔡伯貫) in modern Chongqingball. Cai Tangball captured a handful of counties in Chongqingball before being put down by Mingball in early 1566.[4]



    Cai Boguan was native to Dazuball, Chongqingball. Before revolting, Cai became a follower of the White Lotus, a semi-popular religious movement declared illegal by Mingball.[5]


    In late 1565, Cai rose against Mingball and established Cai Tangball. In a month, Cai's rebellion had spread to seven of Mingball's counties.[6]

    Defeat & Abolishment

    In 1566, Mingball's governor Liu Ziqiang (劉自強) restored order to Chongqingball by defeating and capturing Cai and his generals, abolishing Cai Tangball after only 36 days.[7]



    How To Draw

    Drawing Cai Tangball is very simple.

    1. Draw a black outline of a circle.
    2. Fill it Yellow.
    3. Draw a second white circle inside of the first.
    4. Add the Chinese character for Tang (唐) inside of the white portion. You can also write the characters for Cai Tang (蔡唐) or Great Tang (大唐) to distinguish Cai Tangball from other Tangballs in Chinese History.
    5. Add two slant eyes and you've finished.
    6. Optional: Draw appropriate hatwear.



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