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    Amoritesball was a Semitic countryball originating in Canaan-icon.png Canaanball. However, it was very nomadic and conquered numerous states. Their language was likely related to Aramaic, or even Hebrew and Phoenician. They are mentioned in the Bible as the descendants of Canaan through his son Amori. They worshipped Satan a deity named Amurru, coincidentally (or perhaps not coincidentally) named just like the Amorites.

    History[edit | edit source]

    The earliest mentions of Amoritesball is from Sumerian sources around 2400 BC. Apparently, at that time, the Amorites were just a bunch of nomadic and semi-nomadic tribes from Canaan-icon.png Canaanball. It is speculated that the Amorite homeland is Jebel Bishri, a highland area located in present-day Syria-icon.png Syriaball.

    Around 2200 BC, the Amorites migrated south and deeper into Mesopotamia, probably due to a drought that occurred there. The first kingdom of Babylonball had an Amorite dynasty (meaning that Hammurabi was actually an Amorite), although they were assimilated into Babylonian culture.

    Around 2050-2000 BC, the Amorites tried to attack Assyria-icon.png Assyriaball but failed miserably. The Amorites eventually took over parts of Syria and Canaan, and by 1800 BC, several kingdoms were established, including Amurruball, Yamhadball and Qatnaball. The last of these kingdoms, Yamhadball, fell to the Hittites in 1344 BC.

    Some Amorites chose to stay in Canaan-icon.png Canaanball, inhabiting cities like Jerichocube. Most of the "Canaanite" Amorites were conquered and wiped off by the Israelites, although there were exceptions (like Rahab). By the 11th century BC, the Amorites were mostly assimilated or killed off.

    It is no doubt that the Amorites had a significant impact on the history of Mesopotamia and Canaan.

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