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    Akershusball is a countyball of Norway-icon.png Norwayball. Many people confuse him with Oslo-icon.png Osloball because they are so close together.

    History[edit | edit source]

    Akershusball was officaly born as a 2-icon.png 2ball, adopted by File:Kingdom of Norway-icon.png Medieval Norwayball, Kalmar Union-icon.png Kalmar Unionball, Norway-icon.png Post-Kalmar Norwayball, Sweden-Norway-icon.png Sweden-Norwayball and Norway-icon.png Norwayball.

    Gallery[edit | edit source]

    Norway-icon.png Børkdom Disney's Frozen Kingdom of Alan Walker Norway: Øil Øil and more ØIL!!! Norway-icon.png
    Counties Agder-icon.png AgderballInnlandet-icon.png InnlandetballMøre og Romsdal-icon.png Møre og RomsdalballNordland-icon.png NordlandballOslo-icon.png OsloballRogaland-icon.png RogalandballTroms og Finnmark-icon.png Troms og FinnmarkballNord-Trøndelag-icon.png TrøndelagballVestfold og Telemark-icon.png Vestfold og TelemarkballVestland-icon.png VestlandballViken-icon.png Vikenball
    Other Svalbard-icon.png SvalbardballJan Mayen-icon.png Jan MayenballSami-icon.png SamiballPeter I Island-icon.png Queen Maud LandballPeter I Island-icon.png Peter I IslandballBouvet Island-icon.png Bouvet Islandball
    Former entities 2-icon.png Migrants from South (PreHistoric Europeans)Norwegian-Empire-icon.png Medieval NorwayballKalmar Union-icon.png Kalmar UnionballDenmark-icon.png Denmark-NorwayballSecond Kingdom of Norway-icon.png Norwayball (1814)Sweden-Norway-icon.png Sweden-NorwayballNazi Norway-icon.png Nazi Norwayball
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