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Asian Cooperation Dialogueball, like its cousins in Europe, Africa and South America, is a supranational unionball representing Asia. It was born and created by Thailand-icon.png Thailandball and some other countries. Its current objective and dream is to Anschluss integrate other regional organizations in Asia into it. However, its biggest dream is to be like the First World Countries. However, its cousins make fun of him for having no official flag and just a logo.

Despite being a Supranational Union, it is considered an outcast as it isn't as united enough like the other unions. After it can into First World, it would wish to reform/rename himself into the Asian Union.

History[edit | edit source]

He was formed from Thailand-icon.png Thailandball in 2002 when Thailand-icon.png Thailandball planned to create a union similar to Europe, Africa, and South America. The ACD's main members states are Kuwait-icon.png Kuwaitball, Pakistan-icon.png Pakistanball, Bahrain-icon.png Bahrainball, Sri Lanka-icon.png Sri Lankaball, Turkey-icon.png Turkeyball, Indonesia-icon.png Indonesiaball, Thailand-icon.png Thailandball, China-icon.png Chinaball and Japan-icon.png Japanball, the so-called major nine ACD Nations.