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    Transition from Ming to Qing

    The Transition from Ming to Qing, also known as the Ming-Qing transition, or the Manchu conquest of China was an military conflict from 1618 to 1683 which caused the fall of Ming-icon.png Mingball and the Rise of Qing-icon.png Qingball.

    Background[edit | edit source]

    After 2-3 decades of tensions between early Qing-icon.png Qingball (Jianzhou tribes) and Ming-icon.png Mingball, because of broken promises along with favoring enemy clans and abuse of power.  These tensions united the Jianzhou Tribes into Qing-icon.png Later Jinball in 1616. The armies of Qing-icon.png Later Jinball were diverse, big, and disciplined. Two years later, Jianzhou chieftain Nurhaci published the "Seven Grievances" (Manchu: Nadan Koro).

    Seven Grievances and Declaration of War[edit | edit source]

    The Seven Grievances were effectively a declaration of war against the Ming. Many Han Chinese defectors who were displeased with the Ming Dynasty came to the newly named Qing Dynasty and were greatly influential to the outcome of the war. These were the Seven Grievances:

    1.  Ming-icon.png Mingball killed Qing-icon.png Nurchaci's father and grandfather.
    2. Ming-icon.png Mingball suppressed 1-icon (division).png Jianzhouball and favored enemy clans.
    3. Ming-icon.png Mingball violated agreements of territory with Qing-icon.png Later Jinball
    4. Ming-icon.png Mingball sent troops to protect the enemy clans.
    5. Ming-icon.png Mingball supported enemy clans, breaking promise with Qing-icon.png Later Jinball.
    6. Ming-icon.png Mingball forced Qing-icon.png Later Jinball to give up land.
    7. Ming-icon.png Mingball abused his power and went rogue against his people.

    War[edit | edit source]

    Battle of Fushun[edit | edit source]

    After the Seven Grievances were declared, Qing-icon.png Later Jinball would set out its journey with 20,000 men to capture 1-icon.png Fushunball as he was departing from 1-icon.png Hetu Alaball. Heavy rains hampered their movement, but the army made quick progress and arrived at Fushunball on the 9th of May.

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