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    Polandball Wiki Song Contest

    Bribridude130 (talkcontribs)

    Will there ever be a Polandball Wiki Song Contest? The last time the contest was ever held was in June 2019, three years ago.

    PWSC was my favorite contest on the old Fandom-owned Polandball Wiki before the wiki was forcibly closed. This was because PWSC not only involved geography, but it introduced me to songs from various genres and countries around the world and throughout the decades. PWSC has especially introduced me to Metal songs (such as Sound of Silence or songs by Sabaton), Eurovision songs, and European Pop songs. I have even been exposed to songs from cartoons, Sea Shanties, Irish nationalist, and Serbian nationalist songs. PWSC had introduced me to a variety of songs which I would otherwise have never heard of in my life, or at least not as soon as I did. Magic in the Air (by Magic System), Europa (by Globus), and Panteri/Mauzer (by Rodoljub Vulović) are three songs that I first discovered by participating in PWSC. All of them have since become among my favorite songs.

    This envisioned revival of the PWSC has been further sparked by the recent creation of the American Song Contest earlier this year of 2022. The American Song Contest is a reality competition modeled after and owned by Eurovision where each US state or territory competes by submitting an original song to compete. When the longtime dream of mine has been realized ever since a state-vs-state Eurovision-style song contest for my country was first announced, I have become ever-more passionate about reviving PWSC.

    I am aware that a revival was not possible on the old Wiki because of music video copyright concerns. This wiki is, however, a new wiki under the management of Miraheze. I do not know whether the Fandom copyright rules apply here too or not. Can PWSC be revived. If so, could I contribute to organizing the next PWSC?

    Shiningflair (talkcontribs)
    MxMelody (talkcontribs)

    Hey there, I'm a few weeks late, but I'm here to confirm that the PWSC is to be continued in the future.

    Unfortunately, things aren't the way they were during our FANDOM days, our staff team consisted of very few people that've stuck with us to this point, and the ones that have stuck are much busier with life than they were back then.

    More information to follow.

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