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    Bloons conception: Bloons Countryballs TD

    Tanawat2002 (talkcontribs)

    This is a crosover between Polandball and Bloons. This is just an idea that I made for fun.

    Polandball girl (talkcontribs)


    Tanawat2002 (talkcontribs)

    I have ones for China:

    • Description: In his armored tank, the second superpower launches speedy, radioactive, and bloontonium-filled shells that generate explosions.
    • 100: Larger Radius - Increases popping power from 15 to 30.
    • 200: Multi-Explode - Shells can explode thrice and deal 2 damage.
    • 300: Rocket Shooter - Shoots explosive rockets instead of shells. Rockets have increased attack range (50 > 100) and damage (2 > 5). Now shockwaves Bloons at impact for 5 seconds.
    • 400: Violent Shock - Increased range (100 > 200), popping power (30 > 100). stun time (5 > 10) and damage (5 > 10). MOAB Strike Ability: Targets the largest Bloon on screen, dealing a whopping 100 damage.
    • 500: Bloon Eliminator - Anhillates Bloons with extremely powerful missiles. Ability now deals 1000 damage.
    • 010: Longer Range - Increases range of the shells.
    • 020: Automatic Targeting - Shells automatically seek and target Bloons.
    • 030: Bloon Barrage - Launches barrages of shells at Bloons, dealing 10 damage per shell.
    • 040: MOAB Mauler - Deals +10 damage to Ceramics, Fortified, and MOABs. Bloon Barrage Ability: Launches waves of shells for 15 seconds, dealing 100 damage each.
    • 050: Great Leap Forward - Mega shells deal 100 damage per shell and 1,000 damage to MOAB-class Bloons. Ability lasts for 30 seconds and deals 1,000 damage per shell.
    • 001: Faster Firing - Fires 50% faster.
    • 002: Double Shells - Fires 2 shells at a time, for double speed.
    • 003: Powerful Shells - Shells fire 3x fast the base speed and damage an extra layer of Bloon.
    • 004: Quad Sprayer - Adds 2 more shells to the tank and shells do more damage. Machine Gun Ability: Adds a temporary machine gun that shoots at hypersonic speed for 20 seconds.
    • 005: Bloon Exclusion Area - Now fires 10 shells for ultra speed. Machine guns last 40 seconds and pop 2 layers per shot.
    SovietFestiveBee (talkcontribs)

    Me on my way to use my older brother computer without his permission.(I'm going to make PBTD)

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