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    Topic on Forum:General Discussions

    Ok so a mod just got banned

    Hissen (talkcontribs)

    A mod named @RakhineRawr(You folks must've heard this name). He got banned for abusing his powers which is an absolute no no in this server. See we were playing @Duckboi420s map game and he was Japan. He wanted the Kuril Islands but Russia(@Ratsnrays) is defending it so hard. The China(@Duckboi420) was helping Ruskie and this is where Rakhine got pissed. He started giving warnings to @Ratsnrays and @Duckboi420. He told he will shut down the game if he loses(which he did). Then few days later he got banned. Idk why I wrote this but he was good and cool but he did a shitty move.

    Did he get banned on discord as well because I saw him leave the server.

    I don't even care if I get mod. I don't fricking abuse my powers cuz that's dumb (Like really you can get into trouble)

    Now he's in the house of the banned.

    Thanks for reading :)

    Albatross (talkcontribs)

    Nowadays he's no longer inside the PBWDS, right, @Hissen?

    Hissen (talkcontribs)


    660nj (talkcontribs)

    ...what??? if he was abusing his powers, fuck man, i'll let the staff know. can you provide a link for the conversation? rakhine was banned for being an unbearably egotistical prick and for trying to doxx someone on roblox

    Hissen (talkcontribs)

    Yes @660nj. Dumbass things always happen

    Hissen (talkcontribs)
    Hissen (talkcontribs)

    @660nj the last line what you said is the reason why he got banned in the PBW discord?

    660nj (talkcontribs)

    yeah, that's why he was banned on the discord, and subsequently banned here. if someone is banned on either here or discord, then they're banned on the other platform, too, and that's why rakhine's banned.

    Hissen (talkcontribs)

    Woah! Really feel sad for the dude. But why did he do that?

    660nj (talkcontribs)

    no idea

    Duckboi420 (talkcontribs)

    @660njHe threatened to ban me and Rats for 2 hours and destroy our countries during that time. However, he put a /j at the end of the threat.

    Second kaiser emperor of cheese empire (talkcontribs)

    wow rip rakhine

    RakhineRawr (talkcontribs)

    i literally didn't say i would shut down the game

    i only said "i'll ban you for two hours (/j)"

    Hissen (talkcontribs)

    Oh should've known.

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