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    Shitball (Persian: sheet) is a bad word a shit, yes, that brown thing in the toilet a cityball located in Iran-icon.png Zanjanball, Iran-icon.png Iranball. He is located in Northern part of Iran-icon.png Iranball. And cannot into toilet.


    He is usually triggered when someone calls him by his name and he is of Islam like his dad Iran-icon.png Zanjanball, he is mocked by his name. Shitball is depressed and he gets bullied everywhere he goes because of his name.

    Flag Colors

    The Flag of Shit is a horizontal tricolor with the colors green, white, and red

    Main Colors

    The green stands for culture growth, happiness, unity, nature, and the Persian language. White stands for freedom, and the red stands for the blood of those who fought for their country. The pattern on both the green and red strips, are actually the worlds 'allahu akbar' (God is the greatest, but not in a jihadist way), written 11 times on each side, making it 22 times repeated to represent the 22nd of the month of Bahman in the Iranian calendar, which landed on the 11th of February 1979 (Iranian revolution).

    Emblem Colors

    The emblem may look like a sword with a bunch of crescents around it, but in reality, they are really letters forming an overlapping monogram of the Shahada, the declaration of Islam stating there is no god except allah. And also there is shit on green part.


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