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    Polandball Wiki
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    Welcome to the Polandball Wiki!
    This is a community dedicated to Poland-icon.png Polandball and related materials.

    The wiki has been running since January 10, 2010. Since it's founding, it has been an encyclopedia for all the Polandballers.*
    Remember: Together, we make a better world!
    *The content listed on this wiki may not be allowed by the rules on /r/polandball & co.

    10,999 pages 63,377 files 1,281,582 edits 219 active users
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    Welcome to the Polandball Wiki on Miraheze!
    We have moved to Miraheze! Following the closure of the FANDOM wiki by FANDOM Staff, we have moved to Miraheze!

    If you don't have an account, click here to create one. All content and images have been restored. Feel free to edit!

    We encourage you to join our Discord server so we can chat! Alternatively, you can also use the in-wiki chat.

    Thanks for stopping by to our new wiki, we hope you'll like it!
    Polandball Wiki and sister wikis are all hosted by the Ballmedia Foundation, a non-profit organization that also hosts a range of other projects:
    Join our Discord!
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    Welcome to the Forums!

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    OOjs UI icon outdent-rtl-progressive.svg Forum Rules Click here to learn the rules of the forum and more!
    OOjs UI icon message-constructive.svg News and Announcements News, updates and announcements from the administrators regarding the wiki.
    User-warn.png Administrators' noticeboard Need to contact the admins of the wiki? Use this forum to contact them.
    Discussions Description
    User-talk.png General Discussions Talk about anything relating to the Polandball Wiki and related projects and wikis.
    OOjs UI icon wikitrail-rtl-progressive.svg Political Discussions Talk about anything related to politics in this forum.
    OOjs UI icon search-ltr.svg Questions and Answers Have a question about the wiki? Ask it here!
    User-welcome.png Off-topic Talk about anything that doesn't fall into any of the other forums here!
    OOjs UI icon referenceExisting-ltr.svg Project: Cleanup Cleaning up the wiki, one step at a time...
    Entertainment Description
    Talk icon purple.svg Fun and Games Post fun quizzes, games, questions, writing prompts, and more in this forum!

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