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Ceres Of Gamingball (minor-planet designation: 1 Ceresball) is the only dwarf planetball that actually has life under his surface inside Jupiter-icon.png Jupiterball's orbit. He is also the only dwarf planetball in the asteroid belt. He was first classified as a planetball, then an asteroidball, and recently as a dwarf planetball, but he still gets called an asteroidball to this day. And he doesn't even like it. He has white spots which were recently revealed to be high concentrations of salts formed from cryovolcanoes; volcanoes that spew out ice and water from a liquid interior. His roots originated far out, beyond Saturn-icon.png Saturnball's orbit, until the massive Jupiter-icon.png Jupiterball tugged him into his place. It's possible that he once had a global ocean at some point, until his low gravity and lack of magnetic field prevented the keepings of it. It was also simply too cold to support it too.

He hates Pluto-icon.png Plutoball because of the incessant complaining about his demotion when Ceresball went from planet to asteroid before him.

He has a grudge with Mars-icon.png Marsball because of the times he called him an asteroid. And usage as a weapon.

He doesn't like Vesta-icon.png Vestaroid that much due to the possibility of getting his title as the smallest dwarf planetball taken from him.

Composition[edit | edit source]

Ceresball's crust is thin and dusty. The layer is made out of water and ice. The core is rocky. Ceresball also has a thin atmosphere consisting of spread out water vapor, as well has a hydrated mantle that constantly renews the loss of atmosphere.

Orbit - Rotation[edit | edit source]

Ceresball orbits between Mars-icon.png Marsball and Jupiter-icon.png Jupiterball. Ceresball orbits around the Sun-icon.png Sun in ~4.60 years. His rotational period lasts 9.074 hours.

Gallery[edit | edit source]